Summer is a time when you can affordRelax and instead of the usual beige-gray-black office outfits try at last something juicy, bright, bold. One of the most actual colors of summer is yellow - the color of the sun, gold and childhood.

In this article we will talk about the various shades of yellow, and also tell you about the combination of yellow with other colors.

Shades of yellow

Yellow is one of the three primary colors. Mixing with other colors, it can acquire a warm or cold shade. So, the admixture of red makes the yellow closer to the orange (warmer), and the addition of the blue brings it closer to the green (cold) one. It is best to determine the temperature of the shades in comparison: put two pieces of fabric of different shades of color next to each other, and you will immediately understand which one is warmer or colder.

Shades of yellow 1

Shades of yellow 2

Shades of yellow 3

Cold shades of yellow are perfectly combined with other cold shades - blue, scarlet, azure, ash gray.

Warm colors are better combined with softOrange, carrot, lilac - almost any warm shades. The combination of rich yellow and green, although it is quite bright, is undesirable in clothes. You do not want to look like a parrot? But the pastel shades of these colors are combined very well. This creates a gentle, very romantic image with notes of spring mood.

Shades of yellow 4

Shades of yellow 5

Shades of yellow 6

Light shades of yellow also blend well with all neutral tones - white, gray, beige and pastel shades.

Shades of yellow 16

Shades of yellow 17

Shades of yellow 18

Color combination - yellow

The yellow color itself is rather bright, and more oftenAll in the image he acts as an accent, an addition to the basic tone. If you decide to make yellow the "first violin" of your image, do not be too lazy to pick up the other "participants".

One of the most topicalSummer is a combination of several shades of the same color. Remember to separate warm shades from cold ones. It is also desirable to determine your color pattern to understand which of the temperature palettes you are following.

Shades of yellow 13

Shades of yellow 14

Shades of yellow 15

In a business image, combine yellow with gray,Brown, beige, ash-pink. It is better to use muted shades of yellow. Bright, rich-yellow shades (canary, lemon) are better to use as small accents. Remember that even such a trifle as a bright yellow neck scarf or dress with cuffs of lemon color may not comply with the rules of the corporate dress code. Specify this in advance.

Shades of yellow 19

Shades of yellow 20

Shades of yellow 21

Shades of yellow 22

Shades of yellow 23

Shades of yellow 24

For everyday outfits, you can choose more catchy combinations, for example, yellow with purple or bright blue, silver or black.

Now that you know about the details of a combination of yellow with others, and illustrations from our gallery will be a good example of successful color solutions using yellows.

Shades of yellow 7

Shades of yellow 8

Shades of yellow 9

Shades of yellow 10

Shades of yellow 11

Shades of yellow 12