Shades of pink

Fashion women with pleasure use pink notOnly in clothes, but also in make-up, accessories, shoes. In this article, we'll talk about the shades of pink, their names and the rules for composing color combinations.

Types of shades of pink color

All colors and shades are divided into three groups: Warm, neutral and cold. The first group is based on a yellow, red or orange sub-tecton. Warm tones cause association with the sun, summer, warmth. The basis of cold shades is blue, blue or gray. These colors are associated with coolness, in winter. Of course, this division can not be called exact, but if we put several shades of the same color next to each other, their temperature is fairly easy to determine. Thus, it is best to determine the warmth or coolness of the shade in comparison with other colors.

To warm shades of pink are: peach, coral, salmon.

Cold shades of pink are: cherry blossom, pale scarlet, bougainville, barbie, alizarin.

The most relevant in the summer will be bright"Candy-caramel" shades of pink - clean and juicy. They are better combined with bright yellow, sky-blue, bright-lilac or grass-green. In addition to such clothes, choose a neat puppet makeup - shiny pink lips, light shadows, a thin black arrow along the line of eyelash growth (or wide color). Of course, for an office such a carefree image does not fit, but to meet with friends or walk around the city - just right.

For business clothes, the best shades of pink are pastel or muted - smoky pink, pearl, self, shell, light coral.

For evening dresses, the shade should be chosen fromTaking into account the general style and mood of the image. For soft gentle translucent shades will be useful, and sexuality will add bright saturated tones of pink color.

Clothes of pink color of elegant cut look very exquisite, while the shoes can be both neutral and bright (lemon, blue, sunny-yellow).

With what to combine pink color?

Light shades of pink are used most often for romantic, gentle images. They perfectly match with any pastel colors and shades, as well as with white, gray and black.

Dark shades of pink color will help create a sensual, mysterious image. They are very well combined with deep, saturated colors - blue-black, deep emerald, dark brown.

The best color-companions for pink are: gray, brown, green, white, yellow, blue, black and purple.

Now you know not only the temperature divisionShades of pink, but also their names. And the photos in our gallery will help you make the most winning color ensembles using shades of pink.

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