In ancient times, the shades of turquoise color were givenMystical properties. It was believed that the amulet of turquoise is able to bring good luck, turquoise stones encrusted the imperial crypts. Today, the shades of turquoise are no less mysterious, but how else can you explain the fact that they are almost always at the height of fashion?

There are a lot of shades of this color, and there are many more tones. To simplify your choice of the appropriate shade, we suggest you read the names of the most popular ones.

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Harmonious combination

Pale shades are characterized by tenderness,Translucency. Light turquoise color - the color of summer heat, carefree rest. Harmonious is the combination with turquoise colors such as orange with a pink tinge, coral, faint yellow, gold and silver. Lightness and tenderness of the image guarantees a mix of light turquoise and cold shades of green, blue.

Dark-turquoise color, having several deepTones, in contrast to light shades of turquoise, does not fit every color. Girls belonging to summer color, look in clothes of such color is more tremendous. An amazing property of dark shades is that they emphasize the color of the eyes, shade the skin, create a good contrast. At the same time, turquoise does not accentuate attention. Colors, combined with dark turquoise, are diverse. It is coral with a pink and purple tint, and greenish-yellow, and unsaturated lavender, and delicate cream, and brownish, and lilac.

As for the bright tones of turquoise, the optimalA combination for representatives of spring and winter color-types - the same in the richness and voicing of shades of pink, green, purple, cream, gray, beige-brown and blue. And do not forget that this image requires expressive make-up.

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