Few modern girls choose orangeColor as the main image. And in vain! Varied shades of this flowers are ways to highlight the appearance and help in creating a bright, stylish, summer onion.

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The most popular shades of orange

  1. Mandarin shade. Want to bring in the image more brightness andSaturation? Choose clothes of bright orange color in which the orange, and red shade is mixed. This color is called mandarin. This red-orange color is especially relevant in clothes in the cold season, when nature loses its colors.
  2. Honey orange. The palette of light orange color is saturated with warmHoney hints. They do not remind of a daring redhead, which is far from every woman to face. You can choose any favorite tone - from golden honey to honey-chestnut. The peculiarity of this color and its shades lies in the fact that it faces the representatives of all color types.
  3. Amber orange. Deep orange color, turning into warmYellow - so you can characterize the amber shades of orange. Like natural amber, these shades can please the golden-orange ebbs flowing from the muted orange to the noble yellow.
  4. Pumpkin orange. This is a dark orange color belonging to the autumnColor scale, as well as the fruit, after which it is named. Pumpkin color and its shades, which go into the trend every year, are ideal for accessories and shoes.
  5. Carrot shade. Summer bright orange color, in whichIntertwined shades of red, red and yellow, only at first glance it seems simple. In fact, this color has one dangerous quality - it can add several kilograms and centimeters. Avoid this unpleasant effect can be, if you use carrot color as an accent.
  6. Pastel shades of orange. They include apricot (orange with beigeTint), peach (orange with a pink tint) and coral (orange with a red tint). The tenderness and lightness of these shades of orange opens up ample opportunities for fashionable experiments.

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