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We were lucky to perceive the world in color. With us, a lot of bright and mysterious, pleasant and repulsive, provoking aggression and giving pacification colors, incredible patterns, their bizarre combinations, they excite, inspire, cheer up, please, and sometimes can cause irritation. In everyday life, we often hear adjectives that indicate the characteristics of the color of things, furniture and even nail polish. And it is these adjectives that enable us to understand what is meant. For example, adjectives "deep", "dirty" or "muffled" can already say a lot about color, it is also customary to use adjectives "warm and cold" when describing a certain tone, hue.

How to distinguish a cold color from its antipode - warm?

To understand the temperature affinity of the color,Immediately focus on your feelings, connect the imagination. The cold scale will be associated with ice, frost, great depth, mountain moss and stone. Examples - all colors, where there is a "frosty" blue pigment: deep blue, bright blue, refreshing turquoise, rich and juicy green, purple.

What colors are warm - those shadesWhich can be associated with a burning flame, hot summer, heat, sun. They "warm" the tone of yellow. For example, it's fire red, bright orange, juicy yellow, lime or salad, chocolate or golden brown, pink. Do not forget that there are interesting colors, the shades of which can be cold and, on the contrary, have a warm undertones: beige, lilac, olive, pastel, khaki ... And we will get an answer to the question "cold and warm colors, what kind?" Subject to the study of their structure, the detection of the presence of pigments of a particular shade, which gravitate toward a warm or opposite palette.

The main and important color of warm colors, more preciselyThe pigment is yellow. We are talking about a saturated color with a wavelength of 580 - 550 nanometers. It is the presence of it in other colors and determines their thermal affiliation. The larger the color, the original color will appear warmer. Warm colors of a certain color from adding white or blue pigments to them will transform the original version, which will begin to gravitate toward the cold palette.

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Possible combinations of warm colors

To surround yourself with harmony, you need to learnCorrectly combine the color characteristics of everything that is near. This applies to the interior, favorite things in the closet, even the flowers on the lawn around the gazebo. Warm colors do not have to be used to confirm the contrast, because from the combination of their tones you can make a wonderful discovery and choose the most suitable variant of color design. The most favorable combinations of the main warm colors:

  • Rich red - coral - bright pink;
  • Chocolate brown - beige - light yellow;
  • Fiery orange - yellow - juicy crimson;
  • Any color is warm and white;
  • Any color and black.

Than guided, choosing warm colors in clothes?

There is no single rule that couldIndicate who and with what to wear warm clothes. Blondes, brunettes, thin people, pyshki, everyone can not face problems and pick up beautiful clothes in which warm tones will be present. It is necessary to be guided only by personal preferences and taste. You can recommend in clothes to combine related colors (intense red - coral), contrasting (brown - sunny orange) with their shades.

Choosing wardrobe items, you need to take inAttention is that pastel colors and warm colors in your clothes visually make the image more gentle, sweet, natural. If you successfully combine the shades of different temperature accessories, you can get an excellent result. For example, a terracotta dress will look great with a beige cape, and a pleasant and non-contrasting color that does not break the harmony will create accessories and shoes of gray or silvery colors. Warming the soul, warm, summer shades of flowers - a gentle masthev in the wardrobe.

And remember, only your beautiful, stable mood can dictate to you the rules of the right combination of colors in your favorite things and life.

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