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Ecological style - the desire of man to beCloser to nature, take care of your health and the state of the environment. Eco-style is also the use of environmentally friendly food, vegetarianism, rest away from civilization, ecotourism and much more. In the eco-style, furniture and accessories are created. Clothing made from natural materials is one of the components of a healthy lifestyle in the eco-style.

Eco-style in the clothes of world brands

Eco-style in designer clothes appeared in 2002Year. The founder of eco-fashion, who first showed clothes in eco-style, is designer Linda Laudermilk. Gradually, this tendency was supported in their collections by such world famous designers as Giorgio Armani, Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham. Do not stand aside and the largest companies for the production and sale of clothing of mass brands, such as H & M, Lacoste, Levi's, Gap many others. These brands use natural materials and dyes for some clothing lines, as well as recycled fabrics. Propaganda of ecological lifestyle is successfully engaged in show business stars and fashion editions. During the weeks of fashion, there are shows of eco - collections.

Eco Fashion

The main features of eco-style clothing:

  • Use of natural materials: linen, silk, cotton, wool, bamboo, hemp;
  • Natural dyes, respectively natural shades: white, green, gray, blue, brown;
  • Cut clothes free, first of all - comfort;
  • Decor of clothes - floral and ethno-patterns, embroidery;
  • Accessories from natural materials: wood, stone, wool, bags made of natural fabrics or knitted;
  • Footwear - natural textiles or wicker (sandals, slippers, sandals).

Among the stars of show business in recent years, the eco fashion has become increasingly popular: dresses from the Filipino fashion designer Oliver Tolentino often appear on the red carpet.

Oka Masaco, a famous Japanese eco-designer,Creates exquisite evening outfits from climatically neutral polyaktidna fabric with the use of ancient technologies of vegetable staining. Polyactide is produced on the basis of corn starch.

Casual dresses in eco-style from organicCotton, flax or, as environmentally harmless silk, are created in accordance with the fashion trends and are very popular.

The lifestyle of eco and eco-fashion is an ideology that is actively developing all over the world. Mankind is increasingly aware of the need to conserve nature and its resources.

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