Coat in the style of the hatri

The famous actress of the 50's and one of the most beautifulWomen of the twentieth century, Audrey Hepburn, already in the middle of her stellar career, was recognized as a trendsetter. And not surprisingly. After all, elegance, refinement and high sense of Audrey style can only be envied. Each time, going to the camera or just for a family walk, Hepburn surprised her fans with the consistency of dresses, but at the same time the originality and individuality of the approach to creating images. One of the most popular items of wardrobe Audrey Hepburn are her coats, which are still considered for many designers the model of a successful model. It should be noted that the styles of the actress's coat, of which there were three kinds, have long been legalized as their own style. Therefore, to date, many women of fashion often look for coats in the style of Audrey Hepburn.

Model coat Audrey Hepburn

The most famous model is the stylishOrange coat Audrey Hepburn. It has a fairly comfortable straight cut, easy buckle and knee length, which allows you to combine it with any casual clothes.

The most elegant Audrey Hepburn considered herCoat, which was mainly intended for trips and tours. Indeed, this model has a beautiful fit silhouette, and the hem is made in the form of a bell, which perfectly emphasizes femininity.

Last presented model of Audrey's coatHepburn is simple enough. Many stylists consider this style unobtrusive and comfortable. A simple fastener for large buttons and lightly fitted edges is perfect for everyday wear and leisure.

Among other things, I want to pay attention,That all the coats of Audrey Hepburn have a midi length and a short sleeve. The famous 50s style icon wore a coat in combination with long gloves and often complemented the image with coquettish headdresses.

To date, a coat in the style of Audrey Hepburn,Of course, slightly modified. Stylists also present shorter styles and interesting solutions in clasps. However, the basic requirements for the models of the coat are strictly maintained. It is always double-breasted shelves, large buttons and a flat collar or stoechka.

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