Wide Beaded Bracelets

Beads are unique in their kind material. It produces a variety of jewelry: from gentle air for weddings or graduation balls, to specific and slightly aggressive, which so love to wear presented some subcultures. And wide beaded bracelets among them can be safely attributed to the most popular accessories.

Wide bead bracelets - varieties

These decorations can be conditionally divided according to the methodWeaving and the size of the beads themselves. Also, the masters choose a different combination of color beads and of course the density of the weaving itself. As a result we get a variety of designs of costume jewelry.

  1. Three-dimensional bracelet from beads. Such decorations are usually made withoutBecause the technique of weaving involves the ability to stretch the product. A volumetric bracelet from beads is braided with the help of the so-called technique of parallel nizaniya. Original combinations of beads of different colors, sizes and textures look.
  2. Bracelets of beads with a picture. Here, of course, fantasy is not particularlyIs limited. There are a lot of schemes for braiding wide bracelets, but each time this is an exclusive decoration, because you use your color combination, size and beads forum. In fashionable bracelets of beads with a pattern, they often use a floral theme, images of geometric shapes, sometimes it's just a transition from a darker to a light one.
  3. Bracelets are beads of beads. This view is very similar to the harness of the lorian that is worn around the neck. It can also be made directly by the volume of the hand, or made a little longer and worn in two rows.
  4. Bracelets made from large beads. Large size beads are most often used for special openwork weaving. Bracelet mesh of beads looks gently and airily, such jewelry is usually offered as wedding accessories.
  5. Embroidered beaded bracelet. This is the most difficult and laborious kind of work. A thick bead bracelet consists of a base on which you sew one by one beads. In addition, in addition to beads, large stones, large beads and bugles are often used in this technique.

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