Panda pajama

Japan came to us not only with a kimono, teaCeremony and wonderful works of Hayao Miyazaki. Kigurumi - costumes of animals and cartoon characters - have become insanely popular in European countries. And the pajama panda is probably the most popular of them.

What it is?

Kigurumi in Japan refers to artists dressed inFull costume of a character or beast. They are often attracted to work with children in large shopping centers, presentations in theme parks and anime festivals. The suit itself is called the same as the artist.

We have already started using kigurumi as pajamas. Initially, he was not supposed to do this. Just walking on the street in such an uncomfortable, and get used to the wonderful and funny role of a cute little creature - really want to. So they adapted them for home clothes.

Kigurumi look like a coveralls with a hood, on which are located the eyes and ears. Behind cute and touching tail sewn. Features

The panda suit of panda is good for itsMultifunctionality. In it you can and do household chores (for this you need to choose not too voluminous option), sleep or just lie in front of the TV.

Almost all fleece suits are produced -Pleasant, soft and warm material. With this is connected one more advantage - in the winter cold it will be especially cozy and warm. Fleece perfectly behaves when washing, the thing for a long time retains the appearance of a new one. The suit is conveniently fastened in front by a zipper or buttons.


Variants of animal suits are huge. One of the most popular: pajamas in the form of panda royal (white and black) or red panda. The latter, due to the fact that the panda itself is not common in our climate, many are often confused with a raccoon or a fox.

Usually kigurumi look like a jumpsuit, but for the convenience of home use, manufacturers release them in the form of a set: trousers and jacket on a snake with a hood.

Summer version - overalls-pajamas panda of thin fleece. This model has short trousers-shorts above the knee and a short sleeve. And, of course, a hood.

For the whole family

Due to the insane popularity, kigurumi canFind for everyone. Women's pajama panda - great for a gift for a friend or sister. Almost all models go as unisex - suitable for both men and women. The difference can be in the additional refinements of the model (for example, the hearts on the knees). Particularly nice are children's pajama panda.

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