Pajama kigurumi

Kigurumi, if translated literally from Japanese,Sounds like a "growth doll". These unusual and funny pajamas by kigurumi can often be seen on artists who depict various animals from fairy tales, cartoons and anime.

The Japanese went even further, and they hadA separate trend in fashion, which uses pajamas as everyday clothes. At us kigurumi too quickly enough win popularity among youth. Japanese pajamas kigurumi will be a good gift for an unordinary personality.

How to choose kigurumi?

Quite often pajamas are associated with sleepAnd a warm blanket. In it, we can spend whole weekends at home. But the designers from Japan decided that such a banal kit should be diversified and as a result pajamas kigurumi appeared on the light.

The name is unusual, but the look of such pajamasVery funny. Choosing women's pajamas by kigurumi, it is necessary to pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. Usually it is velor or fleece, also there are pajamas made of velosoft and polyester. Quality is important, because how well the material is chosen will depend on your comfort when wearing pajamas. The fabric should be pleasant to the skin. And, of course, pay attention to growth.

Female kigurumi are good because they can be wornAs a pajamas on a naked body, but you can also put it on top of your clothes in order to become warmer. Well, if you have a costume or a pajama party, then this thing is just necessary.

What are kigurumi?

Such pajamas are made for both children andFor adults. And each of them looks very funny. But in all there is one common property: if the pajamas are sewn qualitatively, then it is very comfortable, in such a dress it's great to get settled in the evening with a book or just have a nice time at home.

Kigurumi for girls are sewn in the form of overalls,Having a free tail. At such clothes necessarily there is a hood on which the ridiculous mug of an animal is represented. Usually animals are depicted in the anime style and they have huge kind eyes.

There are two kinds of such pajamas in cut, one ofWhich can be long, full-length, with pants and sleeves. But there are also options, made in the form of small shorts and with a short, a few centimeters, sleeves.

Fashion Trends

In any clothes there are fashionable trends and these pajamas,Of course, not an exception. Pajamas kigurumi in the image of a unicorn for girls are, along with the image of the lemur, the most fashionable. And in support of the fact that such things are popular, one can observe whole festivals of kigurumi in Japan, as well as in Canada and America. After all, these clothes can easily transform you into a bear cub or a cute penguin, and can make you a ridiculous zebra or a funny dinosaur.

Unusual use

What else can you say about kigurumi? This is what pajamas really began to use very unusual. Now this is the trend of ski resorts, where it is worn on top of a warm suit or a snowboard suit. And such clothes, due to their properties to keep heat, serves as an excellent addition to the mandatory set on the descents.

One person in this form looks funny, but a group of snowboarders in kigurumi, rushing along the slope - spectacular enchanting. Such a descent brings a smile to all those around and raises the mood for a long time.

For various festivals and parties such pajamasAlso irreplaceable, because they are able to quickly create the right image. You can look playful and cute, but you can also prove yourself by dressing a terrifying (to the extent, of course) a tiger.

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