Pajamas for pregnant women

Strong sleep is the key to a good moodAnd cheerful throughout the day. That's why many people devote a lot of time to choosing a mattress, pillows and bed linen. Clothes for sleep were no exception. Modern manufacturers of home clothes have released whole collections of pajamas, shirts and other sets for sleeping.

With special care you need to choose your pajamasfor pregnant. They should not only meet the quality standards of the fabric, but also have a comfortable cut that does not restrict movement and does not catch the tummy. A pregnant woman should feel comfortable and comfortable in pajamas, the skin should breathe, and the tissue - literally "caress the body."

How to choose pajamas for pregnant and lactating?

Women who have already given birth, or onlyAre in position, have certain features of the body, which must be taken into account when choosing pajamas. Tight short shorts, tight t-shirts for sleeping and sexy negligeees are best not to wear - they will not give the desired comfort and possibly cause the woman complexes with respect to the figure. Pick up a set of free T-shirts and pants or breeches. Do not be overkill will be a dressing gown, going to the kit. It will be possible to throw it in the early morning, when it's too lazy to change clothes, and the favorite calls to the kitchen to drink a cup of tea.

Lactating mothers will be useful pajama kits withOpen cuts on the chest. Thanks to the presence of such cuts, you can easily get your chest to feed your baby without exposing it.

Fabric for women's pajamas

Clothes for sleep for pregnant women should be made from natural breathable fabrics and with minimal additives of synthetics. The best fabrics for pajamas are:

  • Silk and satin;
  • flannel;
  • cotton;
  • Footer.

For colds, pajamas for pregnant women, made of soft terry cloth, are suitable. This pajamas warms well and is very practical in sock.

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