Bra for teenagers

This article is addressed specifically to those mothersMaturing daughters, who are already ripe with the question: "How to choose the bra for teenagers?". It's not for nothing that the proverb is so popular: "Children grow slowly, but grow fast." It seems to have been a little girl recently with a little doll with puffy cheeks, but now bows and teddy bears are lying forgotten in the corner - it's time for a change! Who else to instill the ability to choose the right underwear, how not to mom?

The task of a truly caring mother is notMiss the moment when the daughter begins to turn into a teenager. You probably will be surprised, but if you ask the search engine for the phrase "bras for teenagers," one of the first results will be a link to the forum with the question: "How to tell my mother to buy a bra." Therefore, no matter how busy you are, always try to maintain a trusting relationship with a growing daughter - it's great if she comes to you with the first timid request: "Mom, and it's time for me to buy a bra."

So, at what age can a girl alreadyNeed a bra for a teenage girl? Usually it's 12-13 years old, but, naturally, everything here is very individual. For girls with early puberty, a bra can become an ordinary piece of laundry before. And there are also teenagers who do not have much need for a bra for a long time, but, as a rule, even in this case the child asks to buy a bra at least because everyone already wears it. Even if you think that in her case this detail is completely superfluous, do not laugh and refrain from commenting on "pimples" - teenagers are very vulnerable. It is better to buy a thing that, perhaps, will not be needed by a child, than to spoil with it a trusting, sincere relationship. Let the daughter herself try and decide whether she needs a teenage bra or not.

Teenager's Bags

So, where to start when choosing bras for a teenage girl? The smallest commercially available sizeBrassiere - zero, the chest girth should be at least 65-68 cm. If there is still such a chest in the child, you can pay attention to the elastic tops. Now they are widely available for sale, but the ideal option - seamless underwear made of soft cotton knitwear.

Try not to buy for teensBras of adult models - prefer linen, tailored to the child's physiology. Bras with bones and closely located cups are not for them! There will come another time of sexual kits, and now this is fraught with microtraumas of the mammary glands, which is very dangerous at the time of their formation. The most important thing - be sure to make sure that the bra for a teenager always corresponds to the actual size, changed as the breast grows. This is necessary to form the correct form of the mammary glands. And prefer linen with straps - bras without support can pinch the lymph nodes.

Fashion is wonderful, but the basic requirements that need to be guided when choosing a teenage bra are:

  • Material from natural fabrics, preferably, seamless;
  • Bras for teen girls

  • Properly sized: the bra does not stick into the body, the chest does not hang over the cups;
  • Comfort and comfort in wearing: the bra should support the chest, but it should not interfere with movements, breathing.

Therefore, our advice - allocate time for a hike withDaughter in the shops so as not to rush to measure different versions of bras for teenagers and choose with her exactly the one that not only satisfies all the requirement of the right choice of underwear, but also will please your child. And you can finish the trip with a tea-party in a cafe with cakes and a sincere conversation of two really close people.