How to become emo

As a protest against the dogmas of the consumer society in 20Century, there were various youth subcultures, which, as a rule, frighten the parents of adolescents, especially those who are watching with horror their reincarnating child. This is not always correct and justified: first you need to understand the essence of this or that youth trend, talk frankly with your child, and then draw conclusions. One of these modern youth subcultures emo originated in the 80 years in the West and supported a special musical direction, close to punk. Like any other youth movement, it allows teenagers to express themselves with the help of clothes, hair, music.

The image of emo

Clothing emo is usually expressed in two contrastingColors, most often, it's pink and black. T-shirts, blouses with bright prints, rag-top sneakers, striped leggings or tight jeans, a wide belt with rivets, a bag over the shoulder - that's the typical image of an emo teenager. Complement his oblique bangs, children's hair clips and bows in the girls' hair, bright skin and brightly colored eyes. Adolescents who identify themselves with this subculture are also good at piercing, piercing everything they have for which they will have enough imagination and courage. Music that listen to emo can be safely attributed to post-hardcore or pop punk, but the essence of the songs is one - love, pain and death.

How to become an emo?

If you believe the representatives of the subculture, then emo -It is, above all, the inner state of the human soul. And to plunge into their world, it is not enough to wear appropriate clothes and trim a bang. Teenagers give fairly simple and naive advice on how to become an emo girl or an emo boy:

  • Do not be afraid to express your feelings: cry sobbingly, laugh loudly;
  • Not depend on the opinion of society;
  • Be open to others, but still leave a part of the inner world with him (this is what the bangs that cover the face of the face symbolize);
  • Often and much to photograph;
  • Listen to the appropriate music.

If we approach the issue seriously, but notTo succumb to a fashionable trend, it is better to get acquainted with the history of the emo youth subculture, to read thematic forums dedicated to it, to understand how your inner world is similar to the ideas and thoughts of representatives of the black and pink current.

Symbology and attributes of emo

Like all subcultures, emo have their own,Characteristic only to them, signs and symbols. The main attributes by which you can safely identify an adolescent emo are a bag over the shoulder, a lot of badges, bright bracelets or wristbands, colorful beads, well, the top of the image is a soft toy bear, whose very ripped belly is sewn with coarse threads.

Emo attributes

Emo characters are a skull with bones, a pink heart, a pistol of black or pink, a black five-pointed star on a pink background.</ P>

Psychology of emo

As already mentioned above, for emo the main thing -Expression of emotions. Quite often, girls and boys of this subculture are vulnerable and depressed people. The main emotions that emo live with are love, longing, loneliness. And, if the teenager asks the question: "What do you need to become an emo?", Then first he needs to think about these emotions, whether he is able to experience them from day to day. It is also assumed that representatives of this youth movement are able to feel sharper and deeper, sincere empathy.

Parents, whose child joined the black and pinkSubculture, should be mindful of the essence of emo teenagers' outlook, do not put pressure on him and in no case should he blame for such a bold choice. The time will come, and he will figure out the correctness of his decision, and maybe just "grow up" from this image.