School uniform for teenage girls

A natural desire for teenage girlsAge is the desire to stand out. Typically, at this age, the means to achieve the goal is makeup, hair and clothes. However, the form introduced in many schools and the requirements for appearance do not allow teenagers to fool around and many of the girls are disappointed, wearing skirts, blouses and jackets that they do not like. In this article we will present the school uniform in a different light, showing that it can be not only correct and convenient, but also stylish, and corresponding to the latest fashion trends.

Fashionable school uniform for girls

In the current 2013, designers have already managed to dictate the main trends. We will select from them those that will not only be relevant, but also relevant within the school.

  1. Colour: Pastel colors, black and blue shades, as well as traditional white.
  2. Texture: pleating.
  3. Print: cell.

Using only a few trends inTraditional models of the school uniform for girls and beating them with additional accessories, any schoolgirl-teenager will be able to show his individuality in clothes and, at the same time, not incur the wrath of teachers.


Collections of the autumn season are full of asceticVersions of clothing, the silhouettes of which will be interesting for schoolgirls. So, a skirt in the school uniform for girls can be not only a strict skirt-pencil to the knee, but also pleating similar length. The color of the skirt is preferably black, blue or gray. However, a pleasing skirt of beige color can become a quite acceptable option for the school. It can be supplemented with a simple print, muted tones.


In a fashionable school uniform for girls, it will be interesting to look a shirt of a shirt type. This is another proof that fashion returns, because these blouses were worn by the mothers of modern adolescents.

A more feminine version of blouses will be models withSleeves lanterns or neck straps in the form of a bow. Such a trend as the abundance of translucent chiffon used in blouses for the school uniform is not needed.


In school uniform for girls dresses sometimesAre the center of attention. In 2013, the strict silhouettes of dresses are relevant. For school uniform acceptable monophonic dresses, but with an emphasis on the collar. It can have an unusual shape or be of a contrasting color. If the dress is completely monophonic and close to the classical style, schoolgirls can pay attention to the accessory in the form of a collar or an ornament under the collar. With accessories you need to be careful, they do not have to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow or sparkle with an abundance of stones.

Also dress in school uniform for girls can be supplemented with an apron of contrasting color or vest.

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