Haircuts for adolescent girls

Modern fashionable haircuts 2013 forTeen girls should not only be practical, as their moms would like, but also stylish. After all, a teenage girl is already a little lady, who wants to look attractive and unusual. Mom in adolescence can become either a girlfriend, or the likeness of Cerberus, who thinks only about school performance. But it's not about you, is it? Then let's get acquainted with what hairstyles for teenage girls today in the trend of world hairdresser's art.

Long hair

Luxurious long, well-groomed hair neverWill go out of fashion. They give the girl a special charm and easy mystery. In addition, the length allows you to do a variety of hairstyles at least every day. The only condition is daily care, otherwise the chic head of hair risks becoming a kind of pakli.

In the trend, sharply outlined forms and expressiveLine. Perfectly even bangs, which slightly covers the eyebrows, gives rigor, but a teenage girl does not hurt at all. The ends can be as one length, and carefully profiled. For several years her leadership has been keeping her haircuts for teenagers. And if earlier this haircut was the prerogative of girls, today it was borrowed by young men wearing elongated haircuts. The variant without a bang also has the right to exist. Strands framing the face may differ by a few millimeters and even centimeters (the effect of "torn" hair).

Medium length hair

For this length, the most popular options are:This is a square, a bean and their varieties. These haircuts provide great opportunities for making beautiful hairstyles for teenage girls for every day. Excellent such haircuts for teenagers look with a bang (with an even cut or oblique). Classical arch bangs do not give up positions. Note the asymmetrical haircuts. This is an excellent solution for bold girls who are not afraid of experimentation. It is this kind of hair from time to time shows fans of pop diva Rihanna.

If the hair is not enough natural volume, a torn haircut with the likeness of a cap on the head will cope with this task. Thus the image will be naughty and rebellious.

Short hair

Zadornye and simple in packing short haircutsFor teenage girls will suit low-slender girls who lead an active lifestyle. Today, the most popular haircut is considered a pixie. The tousled hair cap is surprisingly combined with the short-cropped occipital and temporal areas.

Stacking short haircuts is a pleasure. There are so many options that mousses, gels, and hair dryers are useful. Original hair looks on short hair, laid with a gel and a finger nozzle of a hair dryer. Directed in different directions, thin strands - it's stylish, and most importantly - new, because it is unlikely to make twice the same styling.

Asymmetric long bangs with short haircutLooks impressive. If the bangs are sunk or pierced, then the surrounding will turn around in a pleasant surprise. Just do not overdo it so as not to be like a parrot!

Trust the professionals

A good haircut made by a professionalMaster, often can not afford an average schoolgirl. If you want your daughter, ultimately, to see on the head of what she dreamed, write it down to a proven hairdresser working in the salon. Style and beauty, as is known, require sacrifice. In this case - material, but the happiness radiated by the daughter will be your reward!

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