Shoes for teenagers

It was always difficult to choose a child's shoes. It is necessary and the size correctly to pick up, and a style, and to take into account recommendations of orthopedists. As for shoes for teenagers, it's even harder to choose. In addition to all of the above, you also need to get the consent of the child. And he often likes those models that can not be called orthopedic footwear for teenagers. And the problem of choosing shoes becomes the reason for another disagreement between generations.

What kind of shoes do teenagers need?

Therefore, parents need to first consultWith his child, whatever shoes he wanted to buy himself. If you are limited in financial possibilities, then do not buy many pairs of shoes of one functional purpose. The leg of a teenager is growing rapidly, and from shoes, it usually grows earlier than it wears out. Therefore, it is optimal to have one pair of shoes for each case.

As sports shoes for teens canGo for sneakers and sneakers for boys, or moccasins for girls. When choosing a teenage sports shoe, watch for the presence of cushioning cushions, which reduce the burden on the spine when walking and running.

Pay special attention to school shoes forTeenager. He will walk in it for the entire school day, so stylish shoes in this case for teenagers is not suitable. For school it is best to choose shoes made from natural materials and light in weight. If the school has the opportunity to wear interchangeable shoes - fine! So, during the exercises, the child's leg will not sweat and get tired.

Many wonder if it is suitable for teenagersheeled shoes. We answer. Suitable! And not only for girls, but also for boys. A small heel is found in almost all teenage orthopedic shoes, which means that a heel in such shoes is allowed. Another question is, of course, the height of this heel. When choosing, follow the simple rule: "The less - the better." Yes, and almost all teen shoes, even fashion, comes with a small heel.

A teenage girl can wear shoes and onLarge heels. But first you should explain to her that such shoes are only worn in special cases (on a holiday, for example), and you can not walk in it every day. This is harmful for the circulation of the pelvic organs. Winter shoes should be on rubber soles, with good protectors. This will protect your child from falling on the ice and getting injured.

Where to buy shoes for teenagers?

A very popular place to buy shoes ismarket. But we would not recommend buying shoes for children and adolescents there for two reasons. First: stylish teen shoes in the market are not for sale. And for a teenage child when buying shoes, this criterion is very important. Second: when buying shoes on the market, you can not be sure of its quality. Even if you found there shoes from a well-known and reliable manufacturer, then no one will give a guarantee that this is not a fake. With its active use (which teenagers actually do), it may simply collapse. Not to mention the fact that such shoes you can not stand even the first meeting with puddles. And you have to buy a new pair.

Therefore, it is better to choose shoes in specialized stores after all. In addition, in shops with children's products, you can often buy and teen shoes.

Many parents have doubtsConcerning the sizes of footwear for teenagers. Especially if you plan to buy expensive imported shoes. The size of it is also imported, and our people are often lost. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the dimensional mesh of shoes for a teenager. It shows shoes up to 39 sizes. Shoes of large sizes are no longer considered teenage.

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