Hippie subculture

All children have a period whenNew acquaintances, new needs and new ways of self-realization appear. In these moments, adolescents can join one of the various informal parties. Of course, for many parents this is a big shock. But, do not panic! Let's try to understand the ideas and the meaning of one of these companies.

So, the hippies

The hippie movement appeared in the US in the early 1960sXX century. The very word has the form of an adjective (which, which one) and is translated as "knowing." They are also called "children of flowers". Flowers of hippies were given to passers-by, they were inserted into the barrel of a firearm, they weaved into their long hair.

Of all possible youth subcultures of hippies -The most peace-loving. Appearing, the hippies opposed the use of nuclear weapons and fighting in Vietnam. Also, their achievements include the promotion of the sexual revolution. They are for free love, but not for debauchery, as one might think, but for feelings. One of the very first hippies was the slogan "Make love, not war" - "Make love, not war"!

How did you live and what did the hippies do?

In the heyday of this movement,Permanent relocations, on brightly decorated buses, in which real "houses on wheels" were built. Gathered by big companies, hippies traveled.

I'd like to tell you about one tradition,Which appeared in the hippies in 1972, the name of this tradition is "Rainbow Gathering" - "The Rainbow Collection". In one of the US states, about a thousand young people climbed the mountain and, holding hands, stood in silence for an hour. Silence and meditation hippies wanted to achieve that the world was on earth. After this action hippies began to appear all over the world, preaching the idea: "Life without violence and in unity with Mother Earth."

In the Soviet Union, there was also this movement. That's just for the difference from the general mass they equated to the phenomenon of mass psychosis. The first "Rainbow" in Russia was held in 1992. Since then, all modern hippies have supported this tradition. True, the scope of our "rainbow" is less.

Like many youth movements, the hippies have their ownSymbolism is a "pacifier" (the dove's foot in a circle). "Pacifik" symbolizes the ideology of pacifism. But at the present time this symbol is so advertised that you can meet it in the form of all kinds of patches, not only among the hippies, but also among ordinary people.

Hippies these days

Conditionally it is possible to divide hippies into "old men" and"the youth". "Old people" are, as a rule, people at the age of 40, who do not have a family, permanent job and place of residence. "Youth" is a modern hippy, with its paraphrased mottoes and concepts. They no longer have those values ​​and not that understanding of this current. For many young people, the style of hippies is just an opportunity to cover up their desire for lasciviousness and a passion for drugs. Unfortunately, they do not understand the founders of this movement, talking about free, pure love. Yes, in the years of the formation of this subculture hippies were fond of light drugs, but then LSD was allowed. It was used even by doctors, believing that under the influence of this drug a person can better understand

Hippy symbols

In itself and deal with their psychological problems.</ P>

Now much has changed. Therefore, as a rule, teenagers, carried away by the informal trend, are only being kept at interesting attributes. If you notice that your child has joined this current, then just talk with him in a friendly way. Tell us about the ideals and goals of true hippies. Tell him that the founders of this movement were against aggression and negativity. I'm sure he can understand you.

And finally, to reassure you, I will say thatHippies - this is the age limit for your child. Someone becomes punk, goth or rapper, but it all goes away with time. For many, this remains only a pleasant memory. And only one in a hundred teenagers does not outgrow this hobby.