Subculture skinheads

Very often on the streets you can meet young people,Calling itself skinheads. The word "skinhead" can be divided into two English "skin head" and translates it as a "shaved head". In comparison with other informal movements, representatives of this subculture have the most complex and developed ideology.

Unfortunately, today's young people lost thatThe true goal that the founders of this culture carried. And at present most skinheads adhere to rigid racist views, often obsessed with fascism and nationalism. Although, there are also groups that adhere to a more peaceful, anti-fascist ideology.

Here is a list of the existing directions of this current:

  • Traditional skinheads - appeared in response toDeviations from the original skin of culture, as an example, they themselves put the founders of this current. Traditional skinheads listen to music in the style of ska, reggae, rockstead (all other directions prefer rock and patriotic music);
  • S.H.A.R.P. - Skinhead Against Racial Prejudices - this direction against racial prejudice;
  • R.A.S.H. - Red & Anarchist Skinheads - these representatives support the ideas of socialism, communism and anarchism;
  • NS-skinheads - Nazi-skinheads - Bonheads - Boneheads (also called right-wing skinheads) - preach national-socialist ideas, right-wing and ultra-right views on politics and other values;
  • Straight edge skinheads - sXe Skinheads - people who think that bad habits like drinking, smoking and drug addiction are bad. This group is for a healthy lifestyle.

How do skinheads look?

1. Distinctive signs of skinheads:

  • "Celtic cross" (the image of the cross placed in a circle);
  • Classical German swastika;
  • skull and Bones.

2. Clothing of skinheads. The preference for military style is "military" - everything to make it comfortable to move. Boots, too, usually army on thick soles. Since we started about shoes, I'll notice that the color of the laces is of no small importance. On the laces can determine the belonging to a particular direction.

3. Skinhead's hairstyles. As you probably already guessed - it's a clean shaven head, but it's allowed and just a very short haircut.

4. Tattoos of skinheads. Subjects of tattoos are very diverse.

Hairstyles skinheads

It can be both inscriptions and abbreviations, and ordinary patterns. Some are applied to the body of a tattoo in the form of a fascist swastika or any other drawings of a racist-nazi theme.</ P>

The ideology of skinheads

The majority of skinheads are racists and nationalists, and hence all that follows is their main ideology: love of their nation, culture and hatred of others.

Well, in the end I will answer the question "how to becomeSkinhead? ". If you are close in spirit to the ideology of the skins, then boldly change your image and look for your friends like that. Just never forget that all your actions should be legal.