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Even literally 20-30 years ago, haircuts forAdolescent boys did not have a special variety - all were ordered to have a neat short haircut, and overgrown hair covering their ears threatened to turn into serious trouble on the part of the school administration. Modern haircuts for teens allow young men to fully express their individuality, stand out from the crowd. The hairstyle should correspond to the image as a whole, to meet the requirements of the way of life, to reflect the inner world.

Short haircuts for teenage boys

Most suitable for boys involved inSports. Short hair does not interfere with physical exercises, falling on the eyes, contribute to a faster cooling of the scalp, which is especially important in the summer days. However, in addition to practical, there is also the aesthetic side of the issue - short haircuts emphasize the imperfection of the shape of the skull. The most common short haircuts are poluboks, boxing, tennis, playground.

A popular variation of short haircuts isCanadian - when left an elongated bangs, lying straight or combed on one side. Such a haircut is universal and unpretentious in care. The peculiarity of such hairstyles is the need to often correct them, otherwise they quickly lose their appearance.

Modeling haircuts for teenagers

Multilayered, multilevel, asymmetricHairstyles on long hair are essential attributes of creative youth and representatives of informal subcultures. Performed on the basis of the usual cuts of a square and a bean. In addition to the actual haircuts for self-expression, adolescents often use hair coloring, highlighting individual strands or changing the color of all hair in general. Let's consider more in detail fashionable tendencies in youth haircuts for teenagers:

Coloring, coloring, highlighting. Adolescents, in search of an image that corresponds to the inner worldview, can experiment with the color of the hair, as already mentioned above. Especially common among young men is the coloring of individual strands in bright colors and highlights. These types of staining really help to emphasize stylish hairstyle and well-groomed, healthy hair. But in order to make it really look beautiful, you should entrust these procedures to professionals;
  • Patterns. Many salons offer services to create patterns on the hair and this, as well as possible, helps the boy express his personality - after all, patterns can be chosen almost any, within the technical performance possibilities, of course;
  • Pigtails, dreadlocks. They are widely used among fans of rap culture and hip-hop. Afrokosichki look pretty stylish and sometimes even elegant, plus that they can be undone at any time. Dreadlocks are a more responsible step, because they are made by woven into the hair of a fishing line and its burning out. Care for such a "design" is significantly hampered and the only way to change such a hairstyle is a radical haircut. However, if the teenager decided to take such a step, do not ridicule him, but support the experiment.
  • Use of hair fixationStyling. All kinds of varnishes and gels have long ceased to be exclusively female prerogative. Modeling haircuts sometimes simply can not be laid without using them.

Fashionable haircuts 2013 for teenagers-boys

In the current fashion season, long straight bangs, combed from the back of the head, strands framing the face on the sides, cascades are relevant. Such hairstyles can be worn as properly laid, and "disheveled."

In fashion and long strands based on such hairstyles as sasson and bean. In order to give the hair a stylish accent, you can tous a strand using a hair gel.

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