Subculture punks

All people are different in their worldview, veryIt is rarely possible to meet a person with a picture of a life similar to yours. Under the influence of parents, school, television, the Internet, each person has his own opinion about everything that often differs from what the powerful have to impose on us. And if a whole group of people simultaneously have the same definite views on life, then we can talk about the emergence of a subculture. In this society, their rules of life, their own values, behavior, slang, appearance. It is on the behavior and appearance of the subculture that they differ most often.

In the late sixties - early seventiesThe last century in America, England, Australia and Canada, one of the informal youth subcultures - punks - arose. The word "punk" initially had several meanings: a woman of "easy" behavior, a prisoner of lower rank, an abusive language. And then in 1975-1976 in the US appeared musical groups that defined the way of life and their creativity, like punk - garbage, dirt. There was a punk movement, the main task of which was the destruction of all kinds of stereotypes and frames through aggression. The main slogan of punks is "I hate". They hated everything, from their relatives to society as a whole. They called themselves "flowers in the garbage dump," they had white with black, clean preferred dirty, life - death. The main principles of the punks were: "There is no future" and "Live fast, die young."

How to become a punk?

If there is a desire to become a punk, for a startLearn the history of the punk movement, because if you do the Iroquois haircut, wear torn jeans, but do not know why these punk attributes appeared, it will only be a masquerade, nothing more. Punks do not obey public norms, but demonstrate an alternative way of life, including their shocking appearance, designed to shock people around. Their appearance indicates the desire to stand out from the "gray crowd". The punk suit is a mixture of deliberately torn clothes from the "second hand", a decommissioned military uniform, black leather and a variety of cheap trinkets.

Hairstyle punk - this is the distinctiveThe feature by which they are most often distinguished, and the most common of the hairstyles is the Iroquois. It's shaved whiskey and lacquered vertical comb, painted in different colors. Hairstyles in the style of punk - it's also hairstyles Mohicans, garbage, caps. To create a punk hairstyle, you need more of your imagination and craziness, and you will be irresistible! Makeup punks like theatrical - whitened faces, black lips and shadows, black lacquer on the nails, piercings on many parts of the body.

Types of punks

Punks, like a subculture, are conditionally divided into such types:

  • "Glamorous" - pure, not smoking, not drinking;
  • "Ordinary" - wear only punk clothes, but in everyday life behave like ordinary people;
  • "Lowered" - dirty, smoked, impregnated, ignorant and aggressive asocial elements;
  • "Cyberpunk" - punks, appeared under. The impact of modern technology and fantasy films, distinguished by a futuristic style in clothing and image;
  • Punk style hairstyles

  • "Free" - people who are well versed inIdeology and worldview of punks, they wear the clothes they want, they do what they want, they live according to their own laws, but they do not interfere with other subcultures. But, unfortunately, there are very few such "correct" punks.

What do punks do?

One of the main activities of punks is music, they write punk music and play it, they even establish festivals and concerts, they can produce home-made music magazines.

The main difference between punks and other people isDenial and non-recognition of any authority, therefore, as long as there are powers that dictate their laws and morals, there will also be a subculture of punk.