How to become a hippie

When you meet on the streets representatives of thisInformal movement, it becomes immediately clear why they are called "children of flowers". Their clothes are bright and mottled, their hair is long, loose. Throughout their appearance and way of life, hippies emphasize how important to them are the connection with nature, love and freedom.

The subculture of the hippies has a rich history. Originating in America in the 1960s, it spread throughout the world, with a significant impact on various areas of society. The youth hippie movement consisted mainly of teenagers and young people under the age of 25. Mostly hippies became children from wealthy families who had the opportunity to travel a lot, engage in creativity and all that interests them, instead of solving everyday everyday issues. These people rejected all the values ​​of the middle class, because the hippie philosophy was the desire for freedom and love, as the highest blessings of our world.

With the hippy demonstrations began anti-war andAntinuclear movement. Representatives of this subculture also spoke for animal rights, for the rights of women, children and people in general. Hippies experienced all sorts of "curiosities", and this opened for the world vegetarianism, cuisine, spiritual teachings of different peoples of the world. The era of the hippy influenced the widespread distribution of contraceptives and fashion (jeans, T-shirts, shorts, mini skirts, ethnic clothing), and also became the impetus for the birth of anti-globalization movement.

What do the hippies look like?

This subculture, significantly affectingModern reality and having spawned many branches, has not disappeared to this day. Those wishing to join this youth movement in addition to being romantic and creative personalities should also know about the external attributes of the representatives of hippy culture:

    How to dress a hippie

  1. How to dress a hippie? Jeans are their favorite clothes. Usually it's trousers or jeans jacket. Hoodies of indeterminate color are also recognized and used. Clothes are given the appearance of "dilapidation" with bright patches and scuffs. On the neck, hippies can wear a small leather handbag. Clothing is often decorated with embroidery, ornament, beads.
  2. Hippie Hairstyles. An impossible task is to meet the hippies withShort hair. Long hair, combed for parting and covered with a thin bandage, is the most common hairdo. Men often grow a beard. It is closer to nature and gives some resemblance to Jesus Christ.
  3. "Horseshoes" hippies. Preferred homemade jewelry made of beads, leather or wood. The color of the "baubles" also carries a certain semantic load.
  4. What the hippies listen to? Hippie music is rock'n'roll, rock, folk, blues and psychedelic.