Vanilla subculture

More recently, the ranks of youth movementsReplenished with a new style, the representatives of which are exclusively girls. This subculture was called vanilla. We can say that this style came about thanks to the confusion of two directions - emo and glamor. Vanilla girls love to cry and depict tragic soul break, but with all this does not shy away from glamor. As a rule, vanillas grow in a family of well-off parents - this is perhaps their main feature. It should be noted that these girls are quite sensitive and emotional, they live in a romantic world and try to implement their favorite pictures.

How to dress vanillas?

Many modern girls, aged 12 to16 years old, the new-fashioned youth direction does not give rest, and the main thing is tormented by questions - than vanillas differ from usual girls and how to become one of them? Becoming a representative of this movement is simple enough, because the style of vanilla has a number of characteristic attributes that appear in the hair, clothes, and also in the manner of behavior.

Vanilla girls prefer T-shirts withBritish flag, or with the inscriptions "I love you (NY, coffee, London, New York, Paris)". Representatives of this subculture often wear dark glasses or ordinary glasses with simple glasses to maintain a more "smart" look. As shoes, depending on the season, vanilla prefer ugg boots, high heels or large multi-colored sneakers. As for the hairstyle, it is usually negligently loose hair and a bang that covers one eye or hastily assembled an uneven bunch of hair. The final image of this vanilla completes the availability of an expensive professional camera, through which they convey their emotional mood.

How to paint vanilla?

In order to give your image tenderness andFineness, vanilla almost do not use cosmetics, because they are not advocates of artificial beauty. The basis of their attractiveness is naturalness, grooming and refinement. But if still there is a make-up for a vanilla girl, then usually it is a pale pink lipstick, a light glow on the cheeks and long black lashes.

What do they listen to vanilla?

We have already said that vanilla tooRomantic girls and are unlikely to listen to rock or club music. They like more songs about love and about undivided feelings, so they prefer pop music of different directions. Among foreign performers, vanilla like Morcheeba, Sade, Emily Wells, Lenka, and Zemfira, Bahh Tee, Lil Kate, Maxim, Loc Dog, Marseille, Fleur - that's the best that real vanilla from Russian singers listens to.

What are they reading vanilla?

Unlike other modern youthMovements, vanilla like to read and give more preference to Western literature. They have on the shelf you can find absolutely any book that will match their subtle and delicate taste. One of the most favorite authors of vanilla is the philosophical Paulo Coelho and the cynical Begbeder.

What do vanillas like?

That like vanilla

Vanilla girls like to stand out from the crowd andTry to maintain their status. For example, they constantly drink coffee with a cigarette. They are attracted, both the process of making this drink, and its flawless taste. They like to smoke cigarettes with vanilla flavor, but it should be noted that they are most likely attracted by the charm of the flying smoke trickle than the taste of nicotine itself.

Vanillas like to sit at huge windows on a wide window sill and peer into endless distances, and at night they sleep with teddy bears and are huge fans of flowers.

Most of their free time theySpend in social networks, where they spread their own photos and write favorite quotes from their favorite books. From this it can be concluded that vanillas chose this style not for themselves, but primarily for those around them, in order to notice them - tender and romantic girls.