cartoons for teenagers

Although cartoons are considered purely childishentertainment, in fact, teens and even some adults enjoy watching long and short animated films. Painted characters always charge children with positive energy and force them to look at some familiar things differently.</ P>

Because adolescents are going through quite a complicatedtransition period, it is important for them to watch only those films and cartoons that will help correctly evaluate such concepts as friendship, love, disinterestedness, caring and much more. Viewing such animated films will allow the child to spend time not only fun and interesting, but also to draw from it a certain benefit.

In this article we offer to your attention a list of interesting cartoons for teenagers of different ages that are worth seeing for each child.

Cartoons for teenagers 11-13 years old

For boys and girls who have only recently become teenagers, the following cartoons will do:

  1. "Cold Heart", USA. As a result of the quarrel between the two princesses kingdomEhrdell plunges into the harsh eternal winter. One of the sisters-heirs escapes and builds an ice castle, and the other follows after her to atone for his guilt and make up.
  2. "How to Train Your Dragon", USA. A bright and colorful cartoon about the adventures of the teenage Ikking and dragon Bezubik.
  3. "Fairies: Riddle of a Pirate Island", USA. An animation film produced by the Disney studio, tells of the expulsion of the fairy Zarina from the Valley of Fairies and her adventures outside the house.
  4. "Puzzle", the USA. The main heroine of this cartoon is only 11 years old, andany changes leave an indelible mark on her brain. After moving the girl to a new place of residence, little people settle in her head, each of whom is responsible for a certain emotion.
  5. "City of Heroes", USA. A bright animated cartoon about the life of ordinary guys who will become superheroes and defeat a terrible and dangerous villain in order to save their city.
  6. "The Ugly I", USA. The main character of this cartoon Grew triesTo maintain the image of the main villain throughout the world, despite his inner kindness. To demonstrate to others how disgusting he is, Grew decides to steal the moon with the help of an army of minions created by himself.
  7. "Babay", Ukraine. Magnificent cartoon, narrating about the confrontation of fairy villains to each other.
  8. "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen", "Ilya-Muromets and Nightingale the Robber" and other cartoons from the same series, produced by the Russian animation studio "Mill".
  9. "Sawa. The Heart of a Warrior », Russia. The small village where Savva lived was attacked by hyenas. The boy managed to escape, and he happened to be in a magical land.
  10. "Boney Bunny: The Mysterious Winter", China. On the eve of the New Year, the nasty lumberjack is trying to destroy the entire forest and all the animals that live in it. Only bears of Buni can save beasts, but at this time of year they sleep deeply.

Cartoons for teenagers 14-16 years old

Older children, besides the above, can be interesting and other cartoons, for example:

  • cartoons for teenagers 14 years old

    "Illusionist", Great Britain-France.
  • "What happened to the crocodile?", The USSR.
  • "A hare who loved to give advice," the USSR.
  • "Black Tulip", Australia.
  • "Kumi-Kumi", Russia.
  • "The Secret of the Seal", Japan.
  • "Hello, Spank!", Japan.
  • "The Bug Bug", France.
  • "Village Vaudeville", Russia.