Adaptation of first-graders

Parents of first graders can tell you a lotAbout the complexity of adapting your child. But the fifth-grader's parents often do not even suspect how difficult the addictive period for their child can be. But in fact, at the age of 10-11 years with the onset of adolescence, the child has an acute need for parental help. Of course, your baby is already completely independent and some problems can be solved by himself, but social adaptation of fifth graders has many more pitfalls and problems than it may seem.

Adaptation of fifth graders in school: what happens to your child?

The period of getting used to the new in every personOccurs many times. The complexity of the adaptation of fifth-grade students is that new teachers appear in the life of the child instead of one class teacher, more complex disciplines, and much to learn. If earlier the child was the oldest in the junior school, then now he is the youngest in the middle. It is not always easy to reconcile with this.

Psychological adaptation of the 5th class occursGradually and every child has a different period. There are new people in the team, new teachers and a completely adult schedule of the educational process. All this causes discomfort and removes from the state of equilibrium. The child has a feeling of anxiety, insecurity, he is alert. In the psyche, some changes begin. Due to new disciplines, theoretical thinking, attitude to oneself is formed, one's own views and opinions on these or other things appear.

Diagnostics of the adaptation of fifth graders

During this period, it is very important to monitorChildren and keep your hand on the pulse. Adaptation of fifth graders is a real test for parents and teachers. A psychologist must constantly work at school. There are a number of ways in the form of tests and questionnaires to determine the state of the child. The task of the specialist is to find out the general level of anxiety of the class, attitudes toward learning and interpersonal relations in the team. Diagnostics of the adaptation of fifth graders is held some time after the children entered the training rhythm.

Adaptation in grade 5 was successful if:

  • The child is satisfied with the educational process and without persuasion goes to classes;
  • The student easily learns a new program;
  • Your child tries to perform all tasks independently and applies for help when it is really necessary;
  • You are completely sure that the child normally communicates with his classmates and teachers.

Difficulties in adapting fifth-graders to school

Adaptation of the fifth graders in the school processLong and not always simple. Almost certainly you will encounter a number of problems of very different nature. An analysis of the adaptation of Class 5 shows that difficulties most often arise from the following list of reasons:

  1. Contradictory requirements of teachers. If the child previously dealt only with several teachers and he had one principal teacher, now he has to get acquainted with a completely different system. The task of parents to take an active part and get to know each teacher independently. The child will be much easier if you can tell what the teacher is asking him to do. But such control should be unobtrusive.
  2. Each lesson has to adapt. Different teachers have their own methods of presenting the material, the pace of speech, and the method of abstracting.
  3. Adaptation of fifth graders in school

  4. Adaptation of children in grade 5 is accompanied by a newStyle of communication. If earlier they had one teacher and for each child, he can find an approach, but now teachers treat everyone the same. This process of depersonalization in some causes oppression, while others are rejoicing at such a sudden freedom.
  5. The difficulties of adapting the fifth-graders are connected also witha mass of new items, a large amount of information. The main task of the parent and teacher is to work together in the institution and at home. This way it is possible to identify the difficulties that have arisen and to facilitate the adaptation of the fifth graders.