Physical education of schoolchildren

Harmonious education of schoolchildren is a very important task, which is realized when the family and the school work together.

Physical education of schoolchildren does not contribute toOnly to increase the level of physical fitness, and also improves performance and the level of physical health. In addition, physical culture solves the problems of moral, aesthetic and labor education of children. Next, we will consider the means, forms and methods of physical education of junior, middle and senior schoolchildren.

Physical education in school

In the school establishment the main form of physical education is the lesson of physical culture. Each age group of schoolchildren has its own peculiarities in school physical education.

  1. Thus, for example, junior schoolchildren use predominantly the gaming method of instruction. Various outdoor games encourage children to take an interest in physical education.
  2. In addition, in the younger school widely used physical training, physical training and moving changes. They are also made in the form of games and are very popular with children.
  3. In the middle and older school students, the competitive method of instruction prevails.

Physical education of children of school age in the family

The family plays an important role in the upbringing of the child. So, the first thing that should be used to involve a child in physical education is morning exercise. It is important to determine which kind of sport the student's soul lies with, and write it down to a sports school and a fitness center. It is very important to add the child to active rest: hiking, sallying, walking in the park, playing at the children's sports ground.

Thus, the role of physical education inComprehensive development of the schoolboy is undoubtedly great. And to instill a child's love of physical education, parents themselves must be active, because they are the main example for their child.