Forms of physical education

In the full development of the child, a significant role is played by physical education. With the help of the basic forms of physical education, many of the goals and tasks set are solved.

The form of physical education is an organized system of methods and means that is used in the training process for the consistent formation of motor knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Classification of forms

It is possible to divide the basic forms of physical education:

  1. Standard physical education lesson. A popular form for teaching children of any age groups physical exercises. The structure of the lesson lays down certain tasks and goals.
  2. Complex of sports and recreational activities. You can conduct as an independent activity, and successfully include in others. This is a lot of physical education, games on the street, warm-ups between the change of activities, tempering measures. Applied for the repetition of the main material covered in the lesson.
  3. Independent activity of the child in active sports, attending classes in therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics.
  4. Acquisition of active recreation, mobile collective games, participation in relay races, competitions, walks.

The organization of forms of work of physical education can be carried out in any activity of the child:

  • In the main general educational institutions;
  • In institutions of additional education (sports schools, sections);
  • In a family setting.

The systematic application of basic forms of physical education helps to get results faster and achieve certain goals in the physical development of children.