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Often children of celebrities become a topic forDiscussions by journalists and the yellow press. The paparazzi are ready to give away millions to make at least a couple of pictures, and the editors of popular magazines are incredibly generous even for a couple of lines. However, not all the stars put their children on display. One of those is the famous American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who was able to hide her twins for almost six years.

In 2008, a seemingly happy starryCouples Jennifer Lo and Mark Anthony were born the long-awaited opposite-sex twins Max and Emma. At that time, many put the singer on the singer childless. Some continued to wonder whether there are children from Jennifer Lopez. After all, the stunning star was able to give birth to children only at thirty-seven. In addition, Lopez proved to be sexy and passionate, due to which it was difficult to believe in long-term relationships of the star with men in general, and even about marriage and family speech and did not go.

Unfortunately, the family of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony lasted only six years, after which the couple announced a divorce. However, the singer did not deprive her children's father of the right to see twins.

Jennifer Lopez with children

Children Jennifer Lopez gave the star is very difficult. To bear and give birth to twins is a heroic deed. And still need to raise and grow. In addition, Max and Emma literally from the birth of declaring themselves as true tomboy and restlessness. Nevertheless, as Jay Lo herself says, all the tears and nerves she spent in the first years after giving birth paid off with an unlimited amount of love and affection received from her beloved children. Jennifer Lopez spends a lot of time with the children, despite the heavy workload of filming.

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Often twins accompany their mother on tour, although often this information is hidden from the paparazzi.

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