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She still has millions of fans aroundPeace, but the most loyal and loving are only two - her sons. Many do not even know whether there are children from Audrey Hepburn, since they are non-public personalities. Her eldest son is Sean Hepburn Ferrer, the youngest is named Luca Dotti.

Audrey Hepburn's personal life and the appearance of children

Audrey Hepburn quickly wonPopularity, as the refined facial features, charming benevolent smile and actor's talent could not leave spectators indifferent. Biography Audrey Hepburn is impressive, but her children are still discovering new interesting facts from the life of the actress.

World recognition and fame icon style andBeauty was received after the release in 1953 of the movie "Roman holidays". Then Hepburn won the "Oscar" in the nomination "Best Actress". After that, she began to fall asleep with proposals for filming in a variety of films. Classics is a film with her participation under the title "Breakfast at Tiffany" in 1961.

During filming in the film "Sabrina" AudreyGets acquainted with William Holden. Soon they have a romance. It is known that the actress has always dreamed of children, but her lover could not fulfill her dream, as she suffered a vasectomy. Upon learning of this, Hepburn left Holden. In 1954, the actress and model is married to Mel Ferrer, and in 1960, gives birth to her first-born. Parents gave the boy the name of Sean. It is worth noting that the children of Audrey Hepburn, like her entire personal life, have always been under the sights of the paparazzi, but the actress still managed to protect them from this and educate them away from the Hollywood bustle.

So it happened that soon, it would seem, strongThe family split. The next marriage celebrity concluded with Andrea Dotti, who was an Italian psychiatrist. The fact that the man was younger than Audrey for 10 years is noteworthy. In 1970, Hepburn and Dottie had a second son, Luke. Soon, the actress also broke this marriage, as Andrea began to change her. After that, she brought up her children herself. The children of Audrey Hepburn grew up without a father, but this did not stop them from becoming real men.

Children Audrey Hepburn today

The eldest son of the celebrated actress Sean HepburnFerrer is a writer and writer. It is known that he wrote many books about his popular mother, who died of an incurable disease in 1993. Sean was always attached to Audrey. Now in many interviews he says that the actress was a wonderful mother for him and his younger brother Luke. It was she who formed their current worldview. The youngest son of actress Luca Dotti became a designer, but, just like his brother wrote several books dedicated to his own native person.

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For Audrey Hepburn, the family and her children always came first, so it was with them that she shared her successes.

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