Children's sneakers

Of the various types of shoes that we buyHis children, separately are children's sneakers. This is a multifunctional production of the footwear industry, which is suitable for daily wear, and directly for employment in various sports.</ P>

In order to know which children's sneakers to buy, you should decide what these shoes will be for, because they differ somewhat from each other, depending on the purpose.

Children's sports sneakers

To shoes for playing sports are very strict requirements and, buying it to a child, you need to know in advance what to look for:

  1. Children's basketball sneakers. Choosing shoes for this sportIs sufficiently large. There are sneakers high - for children above average height and weight, low - for players who must quickly move around the site, as well as universal, which will suit everyone.
  2. The higher the ankle fixation, theLower the likelihood of injury, and this is very important for young athletes. But such shoes are massive enough and heavy, because most often the best option is to choose universal sneakers.

    Children sneakers 1

  3. Children sneakers for football. Very unusual and unusual sneakers forEmployment by football. They have special thorns on the sole, which improve grip on the lawn, so that the young football player confidently kept on his feet. Such a special footwear, which is still called "boots." It is quite low, which allows the player to be more maneuverable.
  4. Children sneakers 2

  5. Children sneakers for running. For athletics or any other sport,Where running is present, it is best to choose models with a stable sole, which even slightly protrudes from the edges of the sneaker itself. Typically, these shoes are made of lightweight breathable materials that are comfortable for the child's feet.
  6. Children sneakers 3

  7. Children's tennis sneakers. Shoes for such a noble sport asTennis, has its own requirements. Depending on the coverage of the court, the time of the year, as well as the individual characteristics of the foot depends on the choice of the couple. The depth of the relief of the sole, its material - all this must be paid attention when buying.
  8. In addition, the child is preferable to chooseleather shoes that better fix the growing leg. Inside the sneaker is an insole of a special gel, heterogeneous throughout the thickness, which softens the impact during jumping.

    Children sneakers 4

  9. Children's sneakers for aerobics. Physical culture to music most often implieslight shoes like moccasins. Such sneakers are often made of textiles or other light materials. On aerobics in the gym, children often wear white shoes that match the color of any suit.
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  11. Children's volleyball sneakers. The most important thing when choosing shoes for classesvolleyball - to find those in which there will be the best depreciation. After all, this sport - it's solid jumps and landings, which should be non-traumatic. In addition to this criterion, attention should be paid to the material of the sole - it must be anti-slip for better adhesion to the surface.
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  13. Lightweight children's sneakers. When sports shoes are not placedsuper task, then for the hall or for the street in the warm season choose lightweight models, which often come with inserts of porous mesh material. It helps to significantly lighten the weight of such sneakers, and the leg in them will be in comfort and not overheat.
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Children's sneakers with luminous soles

Of course, such shoes can also be found inadults, but still it remains the prerogative of childhood. Such funny sneakers look unusual and attractive on the street in the dark and at the same time serve as a protection for a small pedestrian from an accident.

But the children themselves are attracted more by the effect of the glow. In order for the lamps to light up inside, it's enough to step on your foot. Soldered LEDs, which serve much longer than the sneakers themselves, are inaccessible to moisture, and so you can wear shoes in all weathers.

 Children sneakers 8

Children's orthopedic sneakers

Children with problems of the musculoskeletal system,and just for kids to better fix the legs recommend a beautiful and correct shoes. It has a high bootleg that tightly clasps the leg and is fixed with velcro and laces.

Inside there is an anatomical insole, whichis selected individually, according to the existing problem. These shoes are usually made of high-quality leather, which allows the foot to breathe. Outside, the sneakers look very stylish, so no one will guess that this footwear is curative and preventive.

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