Cartoons about the school

If a decade ago, children were becomingFirst-graders at the age of six or seven, today many children are sent to school at five. This is facilitated by numerous developmental centers for children, the reception of which is carried out from an early age. By the age of five, children who have been trained in "forks" are able to count, read by syllables and even make first attempts to master the letter. Whether this is right or not is a controversial issue, but our article is not about this. How to psychologically prepare a child for school in an unobtrusive form? What in his understanding should it be? It's no secret that older children who are already aware of what early ascents and homework do not always say about the school well, thereby reducing the interest of younger siblings in learning. That's where the training cartoons about the school and schoolchildren can come in handy.

The Psychological Aspect

Old Soviet cartoons about the schoolThey were issued with one goal - to demonstrate to children the importance of learning. And not always the writers were puzzled in order to captivate the child with the plot. The ideology of the Soviet period in them was at the forefront. Modern educational cartoons for schoolchildren are distinguished not only by the presence of an exciting and instructive storyline, but also by the quality of the animation itself. At the same time Russian cartoons about the school are in no way inferior to foreign ones, and in some cases exceed them, because they take into account the national mentality.

If the kindergarten is not visited by all the children, then the school -This is an obligatory stage in the process of human education. But both the "sadik" and "nesadikov" children need socialization, so the cartoons in preparation for the school play an important role. Kids learn the basics of school life from the screen, thereby psychologically preparing for school. No less important are cartoons about the school and for schoolchildren of the 1st class. The child, observing the behavior and actions of the characters, learns in them himself. Modern characters are not always positive, they allow themselves to break lessons, skip them, do not perform assignments, but in the end for such behavior have to respond. So children of preschool and primary school age learn the correct line of behavior, learn to find ways to solve various situations, communicate with classmates and respect teachers. Take, for example, cartoons about Luntika, where the topic of preparing for school is not clearly expressed, but the relationship between a limited number of characters are similar to those that the child will build in its class. In the end, developing cartoons for schoolchildren are just interesting to them!

It is also not necessary to discountPathological employment and the dynamic pace of life of modern parents. In cases where it is necessary to take a child, it is better to include a good developing cartoon, than to open the way to the Internet or simply turn on the TV.

Good cartoons about the school

What kind of cartoons will be of interest to a pre-school child and first-year student? Of the old Soviet cartoons, attention deserves:

  • "On the back of the desk";
  • "Barankin, be a man!";
  • "Fedya Zaitsev";
  • "Memory";
  • "The Girl in the Circus";
  • "Again the deuce";
  • "In the country of unlearned lessons";
  • "Friends are comrades";
  • "The Magic Store";
  • "Island of mistakes."

And let the year of release of these cartoons do not scare you. There is so much good in them that it covers the bleakness of the picture and the fuzziness of the sound.

Cartoon about schoolchildren

From modern cartoons about school life, we recommend viewing the following:

  • "The Magic School Bus";
  • "Masha and the Bear";
  • "The children have grown up";
  • "Lelik and Barbariki";
  • "Smeshariki in the school";
  • "Dora the explorer";
  • "Winx club";
  • "The Mickey Mouse Club";
  • Luntik and his friends;
  • "Children from class 402".