cartoons about airplanes

Watching cartoons is your favorite activitymost children. As a rule, girls prefer cartoons about princesses, Barbie dolls or animals, but boys prefer stories about adventures, cars, pirates and various avia and auto equipment. In this article we will talk about cartoons about planes and helicopters.

Russian cartoons about airplanes

Russian full-length animated films, in whichThe planes would have been, if not the main characters, the key characters, not so many. Much more often the aircraft in them acts as episodic heroes or the usual means of transportation for the characters. But still there are a couple of films on aviation theory:

  • "By screws!". The cartoon tells about the life of aircraft-riders and the story is very similar to the American animated film "Cars". It has everything: both failures, and struggle against difficulties and even a romantic line;
  • «Airplane Lip». A good story about the adventures of a kind airplane Lip, who once saved the life of a little boy.

Foreign cartoons about aircraft engineering

The list of foreign cartoons about airplanes is wider. Most of them are perfectly executed and exactly like your child:

  • "Aerotachki 3D" (Sky Force 3D). Do not confuse this film with a new cartoon about the aircraft from the studio "Disney". This cartoon tells of the adventures of the aircraft Asa and his assistant Fred;
  • "Plane Crazy". A very old Disney cartoon about how Mickey Mouse builds an airplane and goes on a trip with Minnie. It was in this cartoon that Mickey Mouse first appeared on the screen;
  • "Jet Groove" (Jet Groove). French animated series about the work of pilots and flight attendants. All events take place on the plane of the rich man Mr. Crown. The life of the team is a series of the strangest events and situations;
  • "Clementine" (Clémentine). French cartoon about the amazing adventures of little Clementine - the daughter of the pilot Alex Dumot. The girl falls into a plane crash, having lost the opportunity to walk. After that, she, in search of healing, begins to travel the world;
  • "Porco Rosso" or "Scarlet Pig". Japanese cartoon about military aircraft. The protagonist is a participant in World War I, military pilot Marco Pagott, partially turned into a pig. He hunts air pirates who commit robberies of yachts and merchant ships;
  • "Planes". American cartoon, continuing the theme of the over-the-top cartoon "Cars". Describes the life of the laborer-plane Dusty Poilepole, who dreams of participating in a world class air race and persistently going towards his dream;
  • "Miracles on turns" (TaleSpin). Animated series about the life of the port city of Cape Suzette and the adventures of the pilot-bearer Balu and his friends.

Soviet cartoons about planes

  • "Heavenly Story." Soviet anti-religious cartoon, which ridicules the religious ideas of God and the angels, and in contrast to it shows the achievements of Soviet aviation and space technology;
  • "The Great Sky." Cartoon based on Robert Rozhdestvensky's verse, telling about the heroic deed of Soviet pilots who saved the city at the cost of their own lives;
  • "Thank you". A cartoon telling children about how many people are involved in the creation of aircraft technology;
  • «The air tram №19». Short cartoon about a tram-dreamer. In the cartoon, the key principles of aerodynamics are very well and readily available;
  • cartoons about planes and helicopters

  • «Airplane». The story of the friendship of two aircraft - big and small.

In addition to these films, aeronauticsin so many cartoons. Let's remember at least "Well, wait!", In several series of which there were real or toy airplanes, "Chip and Dale are rushing to the rescue" ("Rescuers"), in which the heroes repeatedly use various aerotechnics or "Duck stories", where the characters are very often fly.

In cartoons, planes are lifeguards and postmen, heroes and villains, but in any case they cause admiration of children.