Cartoons for children 4 years old

View cartoons - one of theMost favorite children's entertainment. Probably, all parents will agree that this brings both benefit and harm. On the one hand, the cartoons are developing: the child learns from them a lot of new and interesting. And on the other - it is harmful to the eyesight, and sometimes for the psyche of the kids. It all depends on what kind of cartoon you include your child and how long you let it look.

In addition, for children of different ages will beInteresting different cartoons on complexity. What is interested in a one-year-old baby-goose is unlikely to please a six-year-old child. Let's find out which cartoons are suitable for children of 4 years.

Developing cartoons for children from 4 years old

The main purpose of the animation show is to teach the childSomething new. In this, parents, first of all, should be interested. Therefore, to choose a cartoon for children of 4 years follows, focusing on their content. The following list of training cartoons, calculated for 4 years and older, will help you in this.

  1. Cartoons of R. Sahakyants are developing films for preparing a child for school. They are divided into series: mathematics, physics, geography, chemistry, English and other disciplines are studied here in a game form. Each cartoon lasts about 40 minutes.
  2. The lessons of Aunt Owl are a great series of Russian cartoons that tell about the rules of etiquette and safety, the basics of school subjects and many other interesting things.
  3. ABVGDeyka - interesting and, no doubt, familiar to many TV shows. What is remarkable - it leads clowns, and this alone is able to interest you fidget.
  4. The series of Pochemochek is an American cartoon in which a small boy is explained by a lot of things: why does the television work, how does the universe work, why does the sky seem blue, etc.
  5. Luntik - a cartoon, familiar, probably, every modern mother. Luntik and his friends teach the child good, honesty and courtesy.
  6. Fixics - in this animated series tells about what they consist of and how various household items work.

Cartoons for girls and boys 4 years old

Without any doubt, for children 4 years and older will be interesting the following cartoons.

For girls:

  • Mermaid;
  • Pony: friendship is a miracle;
  • Barbie - Princess Academy;
  • Fairy Winx.

For boys:

  • Wheelbarrows;
  • The adventures of talking buses;
  • Diego, go ahead!
  • Turtles of the Ninja.

All children will like multi-series children'sCartoons about merry little animals, Smeshariki, about the Barbossin family, about restless Masha and good Medvedev. In addition to the above cartoons, preschoolers really like the good old Soviet cartoons (The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Tiny Raccoon, Prostokvashino, Cat Leopold, Kid and Carlson). Four-year-old child can already show full-length animated films, for example, based on fairy tales (Snow Maiden, Scarlet Flower, Ugly Duckling,

cartoon for boys 4 years old

Little Mermaid, Bambi, Snow White and seven dwarfs).</ P>

Despite the fact that watching cartoons inmostly entertaining character, he, too, must obey certain rules. This is important for the physical and mental health of children. Remember that cartoons are not a means to take a bored child for a long time. Try to show your children only those cartoons, in which you are sure. Limit viewing time, not allowing the child to sit, looking at the TV or computer screen for hours - this is already a matter of discipline. And let the cartoons bring your curious child only joy and benefit!