Cartoons about cats

A cat is one of the most beloved pets. Tender, affectionate, graceful, at the same time wayward and with a character, but we still adore her. Do not remain aloof and children, sincerely attached to the pet. Therefore, in many cartoon films the main characters are these funny animals. Typically, the creators of animation clips use the well-known features of cats (affection, a kind of laziness, cunning), but at the same time endow them with human traits. In cartoons about cats, children not only get acquainted with interesting stories, adventures and enjoy viewing them. In good cartoons about cats and cats, which will be discussed below, your child will be presented with instructive stories that teach to value friendship, mutual assistance, be far-sighted and think over their actions and decisions. In addition, funny fluffy friends raise the mood not only for children, but for adults.

Soviet cartoons about cats

The most beloved for many generations are "long-livers" - cartoons created by Soviet animators. Among them, by the way, there are a lot of films about our furry favorites.

  1. The series "Cat Leopold" is, perhaps, one of theThe most popular children's cartoons about cats, telling about the constant confrontations between two bullies - mice and a wise and kind cat Leopold, who calls for a life in friendly relations.
  2. The series "Prostokvashino", which includes 3Film, tells the story of the boy's acquaintance - Uncle Fyodor - with Matrokin's cat, Dog Barbos and their independent life in the village of Prostokvashino. In this cartoon favorite hero Matroskin proved to be a shrewd and prudent cat.
  3. The series "Kitten named Gav" is a funny cartoon about a cute kitten with the unusual name of Gav and his relationship with neighbors - a puppy Sharik, an adult black cat and a dog.
  4. "Cat's House" - a half-hour cartoonTells an instructive story about how a well-off cat drove away her poor kittens-nephews. After her house burnt down during the fire, she was able to find shelter not from the rich neighbors, but in the old hut expelled earlier nephews.

In addition, we recommend viewing animated films "Kitten from Lizyukova Street", "Greedy Kuzya", "How to Become Great", "Scarecrow-meow".

Foreign cartoons about cats

Enumerating animated cartoons about cats, the list would not be complete if you do not specify popular foreign videos.

  1. The series "Tom and Jerry" - one of the funniest cartoons about cats. Kids are happy to watch in the next series, like a cat Tom hopes to catch the sharp little mouse Jerry.
  2. "Cats-Aristocrats" - a full-length cartoon aboutCats from Disney. The mistress of the family of cats-aristocrats wants to leave all their property to their pets. But the greedy butler also has views on him, and so he abducts animals. Help aristocrats come from a cat-tramp.
  3. "Trap for cats" - a cartoon that tells about the simple history of the three cats, during which the features of their characters are revealed.
  4. "Cat in Boots" - a funny cartoon about the adventures of the Cat in boots like children and adults.
  5. Cartoon about cats disney

  6. "Garfield in the city" - a merry ribbon about a lazy and unwieldy red cat.

Developing cartoons about cats

Parents who want to combine the pleasant withUseful, will like the training cartoon about cats. Usually in such an animated film, fluffy characters tell their little spectators about various phenomena, learn rhymes and songs. So, for example, the developing cartoon "Cat and Mouse" is designed to teach kids to distinguish colors. But the bright and colorful animated series "Three Kittens" introduces children to the rules of behavior in various situations, etiquette, care of themselves in poetic and song form.