Cartoons about dragons

Among the diverse and numerous modernCartoons of children are especially interested in cartoons about fairy-tale creatures, which you will not find in real life. Still, because the fairy-tale always attracts kids: The Little Mermaid and Luntik, talking wolves, bears, cats, dogs and other animals become favorite cartoon characters. Let's find out what new and old cartoons about dragons are the most popular among the younger generation.

The best cartoons about dragons

1. Probably the most famous cartoon about dragons and Vikings produced by the Disney film company - "How to Train Your Dragon". It will appeal to boys and girls 4-8 years old. His story tells about the life of Vikings from the island of Oluh, who have long been at war with these flying reptiles. The protagonist of the film is the son of the tribal leader, the teenage Ikking - very much wants to become a real Viking and kill his first dragon. But it turns out that the boy accidentally wounded the fastest dragon named Night Fury. Going to his search, Ikking found him, without strength and without food, in the mountains. The dragon could not eat - it turned out that he did not even have teeth. The boy begins to take care of his new friend, whom he called Bezubik. But what about the war between dragons and Vikings? Now you need to reconcile them!

"How to Train Your Dragon" and similar cartoons ("Kevin in the country of dragons", "Gift of the Night Furies", "Dragons Hunters", "Dungeons of the Dragons") Teach children kindness, responsiveness and compassion. They will not leave your baby indifferent to the adventures of the main characters.

2. "The Credulous Dragon" - a good Soviet cartoon about a smallThe dragon. The film begins with the fact that one man was given an egg. No one knew who would hatch, and everyone expected this miracle. When a small dragon appeared from the egg, they decided not to tell him who he was, so that he did not become aggressive. He was brought up in turns like a horse, like a bird and like a dog, but the dragon still knew the truth. And it so happened that the animal grew kind and cultured, to the envy of all the fire-breathing dragons!

3. Old Soviet Cartoon about the dragon With the same name is designed for childrenOlder. It is based on the fairy tales of Southeast Asia and tells about strength, courage and wisdom. The brave youth decided to defeat the terrible and evil dragon, who once conquered the whole earth. He took the magic sword and set off. However, the victory over the dragon was not the most difficult: the most important thing is not to become a dragon yourself ... This cartoon has an allegorical meaning, like any Eastern wisdom.

4. The Canadian cartoon "The dragon and his friends" Recognized as the friendliest. In it, the plasticine baby dragon finds himself in various adventures, where he is helped by good friends - the Mail Mouse, the Cat, the Beaver and the Ostrich.

5. Very interesting cartoon about the dragon - "Barbie and the dragon". It will be more to the taste of girls, especiallyThose who are crazy about the adventures of princesses. In this cartoon, the princess, imprisoned in a high castle, is guarded by the dragon Hugo. Only with his help, Barbie can learn how to get out of prison!

Cartoon about the dragon soviet

6. "Dobrynya Nikitich and Serpent Gorynych" - a modern domestic cartoon about a largeDragon and hero. Prince Kiev sends the hero to Dobrynya in search of his niece Zabava, allegedly stolen by the Serpent. The famous Gorynych, although not a classic dragon, is no less interesting to children, especially since in the end he turns out to be a positive hero.

Dragons in cartoons are evil and kind,Big and small, brave and cowardly. Cartoons easily and unobtrusively, in fairy-tale form, teach children many vital moments. That's why it's so important to choose for viewing only good, good cartoons with meaning.