Cartoons about Christmas

All children love holidays, and you can please them not only with gifts, but with festive cartoons. Today we will consider the list of the most popular cartoons about Christmas!

The best Christmas cartoons

  1. Christmas Madagascar (Disney) - a very exciting cartoon aboutChristmas. You will recognize old friends - the giraffe of Melman, the beguemoth Gloria, the zebra Marti and, of course, Alex's lion. Meet you and the fighting team of penguins. This time, the inhabitants of the New York Zoo will save Christmas, delivering gifts to the boys instead of Santa Claus, who had an accident over the Madagascar Island.
  2. polar Express - One of the best cartoons on the theme of Christmas. It is based on the book of Chris Van Allsburg, which is called - the Polar Express. The book tells of a little boy who did not believe in the existence of Santa Claus. But one day he was lucky enough to get on a trip on a magic train, which goes to Lapland itself. The case takes place on the eve of Christmas, and the boy will experience many interesting adventures, find new friends and learn useful lessons.
  3. Beauty and the Beast: Wonderful Christmas. This cartoon is a continuation of everyone's favoriteKids of the story of the beautiful Belle and Prince Adam. A musical tale tells of the times when the prince was still bewitched, and the beautiful woman tried to dispel the evil spell. Then Belle conceived to please Adam and organize with the help of friends a magical holiday - Christmas. However, her plans are trying to upset the evil Forte, and Adam himself, it turns out, hates this holiday, because it was on the eve of Christmas that he was bewitched ...
  4. Magic Christmas at Mickey. This cartoon about Christmas is not new, but fromThis is no less interesting. This is a story about how Mickey Mouse decided to collect all his friends - the popular characters of Walt Disney. Here all - and Donald Duck, and Minnie, and Snow White,

    Cartoons about Christmas

    And Ariel, and many others. All of them because of the blizzard could not leave the hospitable Mickey's house and stayed away, drinking hot chocolate and watching the good old Christmas movies.
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Animated version of the classicChristmas movie. This cartoon tells of a small town where people, as usual, prepare for Christmas. Only a vicious green creature - Grinch-hates this holiday. Together with his dog Max he will do everything to steal people's Christmas and not let them have fun.

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