Gymnastics for children

Doing sports is especially useful for children, because They contribute to strengthening the health of the child's body, and help develop it more harmoniously. The choice of sports sections today is huge, but, perhaps, the most popular for children is gymnastics, which is the basis of physical development.</ P> Why do gymnastics?

Most parents give their children toSports sections with the idea that maybe in the future he will become an Olympic champion. However, according to statistics, out of a million people involved in sports, only one becomes a world champion, and out of a thousand - one European champion. Therefore, do not expect that your child will reach such heights. But do not get upset, because, as you know, a great sport is always traumatic, it requires a huge expenditure of time and effort, and not everyone, both the parent and the child, can do it.

The main benefit for children from gymnastics is the improvement of physical fitness, which will not be superfluous, especially for guys.

At what age can you start gymnastics?

According to many medical doctors, to startClasses in the school of gymnastics can be from 4-5 years. It is by this time that the human musculoskeletal system becomes more resistant to constant physical stress.

Begin classes with general physical developmentChild. At the same time, special attention is paid to the development of coordination, strength and, of course, flexibility. This sport refers to those that allow you to develop a child and reveal his ability to do sports in general.

Only after a novice athleteWill find the necessary physical form, go on to perform gymnastic exercises. An example of such may be supporting jumps, overturns in the air and other acrobatic elements that most ordinary people seem unrealizable. However, such gymnastic exercises were the basis of physical education as early as the time of Ancient Greece. Moreover, in the 19th century this sport was included in the program of the Olympic Games.

Can I do gymnastics for girls?

It is generally accepted that the gymnastics sectionFor children is intended primarily for boys only. Constant physical activity, complex gymnastic exercises are beyond the strength of most girls. However, they can be found in every group of gymnastics for children, and they are engaged in sports on a par with boys. Therefore, it all depends on the initial physical training and the ability of the child to this sport.

How are classes conducted?

As a rule, classes in junior groups are conductedIn a playful form and resemble general physical training. The emphasis is on exercises that are designed to form the child's physical qualities, such as flexibility and endurance.

Approximately 7 years, the coach conducts the first screening. Some guys just lose interest in this kind of classes, and understand that sports are not their element. As a result, only those children who really need it continue to play sports.

Gymnastics school

The main task of the coach at this stage isProviding the child with the opportunity to develop properly without harming his health. As a result of such activities, the teenager will become stronger, more enduring, stronger and more courageous, compared to his peers.</ P>

Thus, sport in the life of the child hasgreat importance. Thanks to him, he becomes more courageous, and feels confident in the circle of his friends. For some children, sport in the future becomes a profession and a favorite occupation, which not only provides good health, but also is a source of income.