Tasks of physical education

Physical education is aimed at developing the physical qualities of a person, strengthening his health, and this is important for the formation of a healthy generation.

Objectives of physical education

The goal of such education is the maximum physical development of a person, the improvement of his skills, the upbringing of moral qualities. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to solve all the tasks set.

Tasks of physical education

The main tasks are identified in the following groups:

  1. Wellness:
    • Development of physical skills;
    • Hardening;
    • Development of aesthetic qualities (beautiful posture, culture of movements).
  2. Educational:
    • Formation of motor qualities;
    • Obtaining new knowledge.
  3. Educational:
  • Development of personal qualities (endurance, discipline, sense of collectivism);
  • Development of mental abilities (memory, attention);
  • Upbringing of hygienic skills, habits of self-service.

All of the above tasks of physical education should be solved in a relationship.

Means of physical education

To achieve the goal of physical education, the means are used:

  1. Physical exercises.
  2. Tempering the body.
  3. Hygienic means (compliance with the regime of the day).
  4. The tasks and means of physical education are designed to achieve the main goal - the education of a strong and healthy generation!

The tasks of physical education of preschool children

The period before school attendance is optimal forTempering the child, mastering the necessary skills. Physical training improves the work of vital systems. Among the tasks of physical education of preschool children are the following:

  1. Wellness (hardening, the formation of proper posture, the development of speed, endurance).
  2. Goal and objectives of physical education

  3. Educational (development of interest in physical education, the formation of skills appropriate to the age of the child).
  4. Educational tasks (education of courage, honesty, perseverance).

Improving tasks of physical education

Among the healing tasks of the physicalUpbringing, first of all, highlight the strengthening of health, improving the working capacity of the organism, tempering, mastering the technique of proper breathing, and the formation of posture. Thus, physical education should take place in a complex, then the goal will be achieved easier.