Purposes of education

Parenting is the process of inculcating a personMoral, spiritual and ethical values, as well as the transfer of knowledge and skills. The process of education of a person begins from the moment of birth and ends when his life ends. The goals of child rearing depend on the person's age. Therefore, the older a child becomes, the more educational goals are for adults. Next, we will consider what are the goals and content of modern education of man.

Learning Objectives

Since both education and upbringing are a transmissionExperience, they are closely related, and they are often considered together. So, the goal of education is considered to be what we would like to see in the long run (what we are striving for). We list the main goals of education: mental, physical, moral, aesthetic, labor, professional and spiritual development of man. With the child's growing educational goals, more and more.

Age periods, their role in the process of education

The main people who pass theirLife experience, are his parents. It is in the family that the baby learns to love, share, appreciate things or parental labor, admire the beautiful. Employees of children's preschool establishments become the second teachers for the child. The main goal of preschool education is to teach the child to live in a team, to find a common language with those of the same age as he. At this stage, much attention is paid to mental development. The learning process is built in the form of a game, which stimulates the child's interest in learning new knowledge (studying letters and numbers, colors, shapes of objects).

The goals of education in school periods are muchMore, here on the first place it is possible to put mental development. However, the school is responsible for other types of education (aesthetic, physical, moral, labor). It is the school teacher who must determine to which subjects the child has great abilities, and perhaps also talent, in order to professionally orient him in the future.

In the older school-age to common goalsUpbringing is also joined by a professional one, because young men and women are defined in this period with a kind of profession and attend extra circles, sections or courses.

We briefly reviewed educational goals, the main task of which is the formation of a versatile personality, a high-class professional in the workplace and a worthy citizen of the society.