Adaptation sheet in kindergarten sample filling

A child's visit to a childcare institution is alwaysBegins with adaptation, which sometimes is very difficult. Since the baby gets into new conditions for himself, the regime of his day changes significantly, all this causes certain difficulties for the youngest person and his young parents.</ P>

All the important parameters of the behavior and condition of the child in the kindergarten are fixed in a special adaptation sheet, a sample of filling which we will present to you in our article.

How is the child's adaptation sheet filled in the GEF kindergarten?

According to the federalEducational standard, the sheets of adaptation of the child in the kindergarten are established immediately upon admission of the child to a pre-school institution. At the same time, data such as the surname, name and patronymic of the baby, his age, as well as weight and height at the time of enrollment are entered in the sheet. Biometric parameters are additionally fixed at the end of the adaptation period, that is, approximately one month later.

The very form of this document, as a rule,Contains cells to fill in the data for 1 month. During this time, daily information about how the baby sleeps, eats, communicates with peers, in what mood it stays most of the day, in which games and activities it takes an active part, and what diseases it carries in the early stage of adaptation to the new Conditions.

After this time, educators andTeachers need to draw conclusions about how the child has adapted according to various criteria. When identifying violations in the sheet, recommendations for parents are reflected that will help them and the preschool child adapt to the new conditions as quickly as possible.

Fill in the adaptation sheet of the child for kindergarten or visually familiarize yourself with this document, the sample presented in our article will help you.

Adaptation sheet in kindergarten by phos