Beautiful unusual names for boys

Even before the birth of the baby, moms try to pick upHe has a beautiful, unusual and rare name. Some begin to search among the Old Russian, others prefer to start from the month of the birth of the child or the meaning of the name.

Beautiful unusual names for boys

If you want to pick a name for your childSo that it affects the character and ability of the baby, the first thing is to get acquainted with the meaning of the name itself. Here is a short list of names that are not so common today and still sound nice.

  1. Arsenty (from Greek it can be translated as "courageous." This is the name of a sympathetic and obedient child who studies well and pleases his parents.) Nature is creative and vulnerable.)
  2. Arkhip (children with this name usually grow up early, behave with peers on an equal footing, but strive for leadership.) As a rule, they are successful in life and know their own worth.)
  3. Bronislav (possess a stubborn temper and enoughQuickly learn to achieve their all available ways. Lucky for life, but at the same time they arrange their personal life for a long time. Nature is practical, if not to say mundane.)
  4. Veniamin (if in the childhood parents will manageTo recognize the talent of the child, a great future awaits him. Often for boys with such unusual names, life presents surprises and gives a chance to grow in the career plan. These people can succumb to the small, but achieve great.)
  5. Evsei (the Greek name for "pious." People with this name are tolerant and often make concessions.) A person is balanced and sympathetic, therefore he is always surrounded by friends.)
  6. Lubomir (the people are calm and a little reserved, the character is stubborn, but within reasonable limits.) He begins early to read, learns well and chooses the right decisions in life.)

Unusual Russian names for boys

Almost all Russian names have roots that goFar beyond the borders of Russia. As a rule, these are Greek names that have been adapted in the Christian religion. Initially, they characterized the character of a person, his shortcomings or virtues.

Later, Old Russian names ousted new ones fromByzantium. As a result, everything was mixed up and the names acquired new sounds and meanings. Among such beautiful unusual names for boys are interesting sounds of Augustus, Adam, Antony, Bogdan, Boromir, Bulat, Venedikt, Volemir, Herman, Gleb.

Unusual names for boys 2013

Recently, more and more moms are picking upThe names of the boy by the month of the birth of the child. It is believed that one of the names of the month will not only bring good luck to the child, but will also fully reflect his character and in some way influence fate. Here is a list of unusual names for boys of each month of birth.

  1. Born in January, you can pick beautiful names Ignat, Daniel or Timothy. This nature is independent, balanced and patient.
  2. In February, children are more likely to be stubborn and unpredictable. The most unusual names for boys this month are Fedot, Veniamin.
  3. March children are impressionable and are characterized by increased sensuality. The names of the month are Leo, Kuzma, Julian.
  4. For those born in April, you can choose the names Innokenty, Yakov.
  5. Born in May give the names of Nicephorus or Anton.
  6. The most rare June name for the child is Ignatius.
  7. Hasty and slightly calculating natures are born in July. Among the names are Svyatoslav, Leonty and Julius.
  8. unusual names for boys

  9. August children are persistent and have an inexhaustible supply of energy. The most unusual names for boys this month are Sawa, David.
  10. In September, purposeful children are born. The names of the month are Athanasius, Fadei and Arseny.
  11. Among the unusual names for boys born in November, you can choose Artem, Jacob or Irakly.
  12. In December, the popularity of the names of Plato, Roman.

No less complicated is the process of selecting an unusual name for a girl.