Names for twins

Uneasy for some couples choosing the name of the childBecomes even more difficult if the twins are born. After all, all parents want their children to have beautiful names, which all relatives will be happy with, but nevertheless the choice is always for the father and mother.</ P>

Names for boys and girls twins

Most often parents prefer to nameDifferent-sex children with consonant names. Full names, of course, vary. But, abbreviated, or diminutive, caress, they sound like Tanya and Vanya, Lyonya and Lilya, Dasha and Sasha. Some call their newborn twins Adam and Eve, although the church does not always approve of it approvingly.

It happens that parents give similar names forTwins - Valentine and Valentine, Alexander and Alexandra, Eugene and Eugenia, Valery and Valeria. It is believed that children with such names are very attached to each other, although the same can be said about other twins, because they are from conception together.

Names for twins girls

Statistics show that parents believeIt is urgent to call the girls consonant or, at least, one letter: Anastasia and Alina - a very common couple, as well as Marina - Angelina. Another interesting version of Eva and Zoya are names consisting of three letters and meaning "life", but only in different languages.

Men's names for twins

In recent years, there has been a tendency to refer to children as old Slavic names, or those that children used to say in the last century. Yaroslav and Svyatoslav,

Beautiful names for twins

Mstislav and Wenceslas, or Vanya and Vasya, Makar and Nazar. It is desirable to choose the names of consonants having something in common with each other.</ P>

Choosing the right names for twins, you shouldTo see that they correspond to the patronymic and surname. It's ridiculous to chase newfangled names of foreign origin, which can silly sound along with our names, and the child will have to endure this peer ridicule because of this.

If you really want to choose beautiful names forTwins, such as Nicoletta and Sabrina, or Augustine and Adrian, then they must meet a non-Russian surname and patronymic. Only in such a tandem an unusual name will be appropriate in our country.