Than the watermelon at pregnancy is useful

We all look forward to summer toTo enjoy his generous gifts. A pregnant woman, for whom there are all kinds of prohibitions and restrictions, is somewhat more difficult in this regard, because she is afraid of harming the baby. But do not be afraid, because the benefits, for example, watermelon during pregnancy, is so obvious that even doctors recognize its use within reasonable limits.</ P>

Why is watermelon useful during pregnancy?

In this giant berry with juicy and sugaryThe pulp contains a large number of trace elements that a woman needs during the period of bearing. Very rich in watermelon iron, which means that treatment and prevention of anemia without chemicals in the summer is assured.

Folic acid, especially necessary for buildingNervous system of the child, is present in a watermelon pulp in sufficient quantity. But the most important quality that watermelon possesses is the ability to fight with swelling. This is possible due to the fact that it does not contain salts, but has a neutralizing alkali in the composition. That's where the watermelon diuretic effect, which positively affects swelling, especially at the end of pregnancy.

What can harm a pregnant woman watermelon?

But not only useful properties during pregnancy can have a watermelon. Unfortunately,

Benefits of watermelon at pregnancy

In our time of nitrates and other harmful chemistry, this fruit can be poisoned.</ P>

The peak of poisoning occurs at the beginning of summer, whenEveryone is in a hurry to get the first vitamins, but instead they are on a hospital bed. Therefore, the benefits and harm of watermelon during pregnancy should be weighed reasonably so as not to harm the baby, because poisoning is a big stress for the mother and child.

Now you know what is useful watermelon atPregnancy, but, despite all the positive qualities, use the product is moderate, because the excess of sugars in the composition quite strongly affects the weight gain, both by the woman and the fetus.