Threat of abortion

Have your child, raise a son or daughter, beThe best parent - many dream. The way to the realization of these desires lies in a number of cases through thorns. According to statistics and observations of doctors, more and more married couples have problems with conception and pregnancy from year to year. One of the serious obstacles to a happy parenthood is the threat of termination of pregnancy, which worries today every second expectant mother.

The reasons for the threat of miscarriage are many. Much depends on the health of a pregnant woman and her way of life. In addition to the unfavorable ecological situation that we have all over the world, the health of the future mother is affected by previously transmitted infections, genetic history, stress, bad habits, chronic diseases, nutrition, etc. All these factors under unfavorable conditions can provoke the threat of termination of pregnancy.

How to determine the threat of miscarriage?

One of the main signs of the threat of interruptionPregnancy is a drawing pain in the lower abdomen. Usually this indicates an increased tone of the muscles of the uterus. Normally during pregnancy, the woman's uterus should be soft and relaxed so as not to block the growing fetus and not injure the place of attachment of the fetal egg to the epithelium of the uterus. The shorter the gestation period, the greater the risk of a threat of spontaneous miscarriage, as the fragile connection between the mother and the baby grows only by 16 weeks, by the time the placenta ripens. Therefore, the tone of the uterus is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy and can cause a threat of its interruption.

Another important sign of the threat of miscarriage isThe appearance of blood or suppository secretions. This symptom indicates that the place of attachment of the fetus to the uterus or the beginning of detachment of the placenta has been damaged. All this is quite dangerous and can lead to the sad consequences of the threat of miscarriage - premature birth, or even the loss of a child.

Gestosis, or toxicosis in the common people, alsoMay cause a threat of termination of pregnancy. This phenomenon speaks of the inadequacy of the body of a pregnant woman. Gestosis is manifested by the presence of edemas, increased pressure, the detection of protein in the analysis of urine, a sharp increase or decrease in weight (more than 400 g per week).

So, there are several symptoms according to whichThe pregnant woman will be able to assess her own condition. They talk about the dangers and are the answers to the question "how to determine the threat of miscarriage?" Having found out at least one of them at home, the expectant mother should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance.

  • Pain in the lower abdomen and cramping sensations in the first half of pregnancy;
  • Bloody or prenucous (pinkish) discharge;
  • high blood pressure;
  • Severe swelling on the arms or legs.

What should I do if there is a threat of miscarriage?

If a woman feels bad and notesSigns of threat of termination of pregnancy, then she should immediately seek medical help. In addition, when dangerous symptoms are detected, the future mother needs to lie down and find a resting state, because any excitement can only exacerbate the situation. In the case of hypertonia and blood discharge, it is recommended to immediately take an authorized dose of antispasmodic, this will relax the muscles of the uterus and win time before the arrival of a doctor.

How to keep pregnancy at risk

How to save pregnancy in case of threat of miscarriage?

Today, the treatment of the threat of termination of pregnancy is carried out in hospitals, where, depending on the period of pregnancy and the cause of the threat, women are prescribed the necessary drugs.

In the first trimester, hormonal treatment is mainly done, as usually the problems of bearing a child at this stage are associated with a deficiency of the hormone progesterone.

In the second and third trimesters there is a high risk of gestosis, therefore, as a treatment, intravenously drugs are prescribed that promote the removal of excess fluid.

It is important to remember that problems with bearingthe woman can avoid pregnancy, having prepared in advance for this period. For this, both parents should take care of their health, check for infection. Along with this, a healthy sleep, proper nutrition and a favorable psychological mood will help to avoid the threat of termination of pregnancy.