Early miscarriage signs

According to statistics, most miscarriages occurIn the early term - up to twelve weeks. The very idea of ​​the possibility of miscarriage for a future mother is simply unbearable. Therefore, often because of their fears pregnant women are inclined to give out for real miscarriage symptoms something that has nothing to do with them. Let's try to figure out how to determine the signs of miscarriage at an early age.

Let's check

The difficulty is that in many casesThe symptoms of miscarriage can not be said unequivocally. For example, if there was a miscarriage at week 2, his symptoms would be virtually nonexistent or did not manifest themselves at all. This is because the miscarriage at this time almost coincides with the time of menstruation, and often spotting, which are the symptoms of an early miscarriage, are taken by a woman for the usual menses. Of course, if she did not suspect about the onset of pregnancy.

If a pregnant woman has a miscarriage at week 5, the symptoms will make themselves felt. What signs accompany the termination of pregnancy?

The first symptoms of miscarriage:

  • Pulling pains in the lower abdomen;
  • Brownish or red discharge.

In some cases, there are no obvious signs of miscarriage, but indirect symptoms are observed.

Indirect signs of early miscarriage:

  • Mucus of an unusual shade;
  • Pain in the lumbar region;
  • nausea;
  • weight loss;
  • Diarrhea, stomach problems.

If you understand more specifically, then with spontaneous abortion the symptoms depend on its stage.

At the first stage (threatening), there are observed achingAbdominal pain and minor discharge with blood. At the second stage of miscarriage the symptoms are worse. The pain is cramping, the discharge becomes more distinct. There is a general weakness. In the third stage, bloody discharge becomes abundant. On the fourth - bleeding stops, and abortion is considered to be held. Simultaneously with bleeding ceases and spasms.

What should I do if I have an early miscarriage?

Since in the first two stages of a miscarriage pregnancy can still be maintained, it is very important not to lose a minute to resort to the help of doctors.

In the presence of secretions with a trace of blood,Take a horizontal position and immediately call an ambulance. You can not prescribe medicines yourself. It is forbidden to put cooling compresses on the stomach. If the discharge is slight, the chances of saving the child are still there, with strong bleeding, nothing can be done.

We figured out what signs of miscarriage often occur. But in order to minimize the probability of miscarriage, you need to know why it can happen.

Causes of miscarriage at an early age

Among the main reasons are:

  • Violation of the hormonal background of the mother, the presence of hormonal diseases, problems with the thyroid gland. Lack of, in particular, progesterone, can cause miscarriage;
  • Signs of a threat of miscarriage

  • Signs of a threat of miscarriage may occur if a woman has genital diseases, including infectious diseases;
  • Common infectious diseases (chicken pox, influenza, tonsillitis, rubella) can also lead to spontaneous abortion;
  • Risk losing a child and women who previously did any of the abortion types;
  • Taking certain medicines and medicinal herbs. It is desirable to completely exclude drugs from use during pregnancy;
  • Physical stress and nervous overwork, stress;
  • Bad habits: smoking and drinking alcohol, and coffee can lead to fetal malformations or cause death.