Miscarriage symptoms

Miscarriage, or so-called spontaneousAbortion is a pathological abortion of pregnancy in a period of up to 20 weeks. Unfortunately, this is not a rare phenomenon, and according to statistics, 15-20% of diagnosed pregnancies end in an independent interruption. The causes of miscarriage are: inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system in the mother, abortions in the history, age over 35, hormonal disorders, fetal development and infection anomalies.

What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

Since at the 6th week of pregnancy (4 weeks fromThe moment of conception) the fruit is implanted into the uterus and attached to its wall, then spontaneous abortion may not be recognized before this time. The signs of miscarriage at the 6th week correspond to the symptoms of spontaneous abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. The first signs of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy (before 12 weeks inclusive): cramping pains in the lower abdomen with bloody discharge.

In this case, if an embryo is found in the clotsThe miscarriage is considered complete. It is characterized by tight closure of the cervix after hemorrhage has ceased. The main symptoms of incomplete miscarriage: the exit of a part of the contents of the uterine cavity and the continuing bleeding. In both cases, pregnancy can not be maintained.

At a period of up to 4 weeks, miscarriage does not occur andPasses as usual monthly, only more plentiful, after all the woman can and not know, that was pregnant. If the deceased fetus remains in the uterus, then such an abortion is called as failed. It can be suspected of worsening of the state of health of a pregnant woman: weakness, lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss. At midwifery examination, the size of the uterus does not correspond to the gestational age. Ultrasound with a vaginal sensor confirms the diagnosis.

Signs of a beginning miscarriage

The first signs of a threat of miscarriage (menacingAbortion) may manifest as pulling pains in the lower abdomen and lower back, while the outer cervix is ​​closed. Sometimes there may be minor bleeding from the genital tract. With timely treatment in a specialized medical institution and the provision of care, pregnancy can be saved. If you ignore the symptoms of a threatening abortion, the probability of a miscarriage increases significantly.

Signs of miscarriage in the second trimester

Symptoms of miscarriage in the second trimester are similar toGeneric activity. First, contractions begin, which intensify, the smoothing and opening of the cervix occurs, rupture of the membranes and the outflow of amniotic fluid, then the fetus is born, after which the placenta emerges. If the weight of the child is less than 400 grams, but it is considered a miscarriage, if more than 400 grams, then the newborn. Symptoms of late miscarriage can be associated with abnormalities of placenta development, formations in the uterine cavity (myoma), harmful effects on the fetus of toxic substances (drugs, alcohol, drugs).

Tactics of a pregnant woman with the first signs of a threat of miscarriage

At the first sign of the threat of interruptionPregnancy should immediately consult a doctor. In order to be convinced of the advisability of maintaining pregnancy, it is necessary to check the size of the uterus and make sure that they are in accordance with the term, whether the external cervical cervix is ​​closed. If doubts remain, the woman is sent to the ultrasound with a vaginal sensor. If the embryo is viable and its size corresponds to the gestation period, the pregnant woman is offered to go to the hospital for treatment. With endocrine pathology associated with an insufficient level of progesterone, hormonal drugs are prescribed.

With incomplete or failed abortion, the uterine cavity is scraped under general anesthesia, in order to remove

What are the symptoms of miscarriage?

Remnants of the fetus with membranes from the uterine cavity. Then they prescribe a course of antibacterial therapy for the prevention of endometritis. </ P>

If a miscarriage occurs during pregnancy,It is worth putting an end to the possibility of having a child. Simply, the next pregnancy should be approached more deliberately. It will be necessary to apply to a competent specialist who will tell what tests to take, what tests to take, prescribe the course of treatment required and, probably, after 6 months (it is not worth trying before) the long-awaited pregnancy will come.