Threatening miscarriage symptoms

Today, pregnant women are increasinglyThe problem of a threatening miscarriage, the symptoms of which sometimes resemble monthly or diseases of the genitourinary system. But for every woman it is very important to know how to determine the emerging threat of miscarriage. This is necessary so that the pregnant woman does not experience in vain, traumatizing such nervous condition of the future baby.

Miscarriage is a spontaneous abortion, which can become a consequence of the following factors:

  • Diseases accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature;
  • Toxicosis;
  • Incompatibility of Rh factors;
  • Excessive physical exertion;
  • Frequent sexual acts;
  • Constant stresses and experiences.

How is the threat of miscarriage manifested?

Usually every woman has the first signs of threatMiscarriage manifests more or less the same, but sometimes there are some differences. It depends on the structure of the body of the pregnant woman. But still the most frequent signs of a threat of miscarriage are the following:

  1. Pain in the lower abdomen, which may be accompanied by vaginal bleeding. If such painful sensations do not stop within a day, then it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.
  2. When a threat of miscarriage can appear bloodExcretions, which are present for three days. Such secretions can resemble menstrual, have a brownish or scarlet color (which is the signal of a trip to the doctor)!
  3. Vaginal bleeding may be accompanied by pain or cramps that occur when a miscarriage threatens and indicates an ectopic pregnancy.

If a woman had a miscarriage earlier and duringSubsequent pregnancy, she had a blood discharge, pain, bleeding with clots, then in this case, urgent hospitalization is required. In the hospital, when symptoms of a miscarriage threat arise, doctors take the most urgent measures,

Pain at threat of miscarriage

As a result of which spontaneous abortion can be avoided.</ P>

When there is a threat of miscarriage?

The most dangerous period of pregnancy isThe first trimester, in which the threat of miscarriage occurs most often. Already closer to 28 weeks and later, the threat of termination of pregnancy decreases, and there is practically nothing to fear.

But it is important to remember that if in the third trimesterVynashivaniya child from the vagina appeared spotting, then you need to urgently consult a doctor. The hospital should eliminate the risk of abortion or separation of the placenta ahead of schedule.