Sex after miscarriage

Many women who survived a miscarriage followedCleaning of the uterus, the question is interesting, when after that you can have sex. After all, despite the strong emotional shock after the incident, couples do not give up hope of conceiving a child again.

When can you have sex after a miscarriage?

Sex after miscarriage with cleaning is a rather delicate and serious topic. Cleaning the uterus is essentially equivalent to abortion, so sex after it should be banned for at least three weeks.

Uterine cleansing is an operation to remove the lining of the uterus and the contents of the uterus. After this procedure, a new mucosa grows from the germ layer of the endometrium.

Despite the fact that external damage to the uterus(Sutures and wounds) are absent, the female genitalia are seriously injured due to a violation of the integrity of their vessels and protective mucous membranes. Therefore, the risk of infection from outside during sexual intercourse is quite large.

In this regard, it is necessary to protect a womanBy strictly observing the rules of personal hygiene and limiting intimate relationships. Ideally, the sex life after a miscarriage can begin only after the arrival of another menstruation.

Planning pregnancy after a miscarriage

As for the planning of the next pregnancy, then this should not be rushed.

Sex after cleansing the uterus

This can be thought of not earlier than six months, andBetter than a year after a miscarriage. After all, if there is a short break between pregnancies, the probability of a second miscarriage increases. In addition, too early pregnancy after a miscarriage can be the cause of the development of abnormalities in the fetus.</ P>

In any case, the planning of pregnancy afterA miscarriage requires prior consultation with a gynecologist to prevent a repetition of the sad consequences of a previous pregnancy. Perhaps a woman will have to undergo appropriate treatment, so that the next conception ends with the birth of a long-awaited baby.