When they come monthly after a miscarriage

Premature birth (miscarriage) - quite frequentPhenomenon in gynecology and every year women who have encountered such a problem become more. The reason for this - the deterioration of the ecological situation, as well as a rare appeal to the gynecologist, - neglect of preventive examinations.</ P>

Many women who have suffered a miscarriage are interested in the question of when the monthly doses come after such an abortion.

How long does it take to restore the menstrual cycle?

In most cases, immediately after a miscarriageThere is bleeding, taken for the first menstruation. The separation of blood is the result of the rejection of the endometrium. In addition, very rarely miscarriage does without cleaning, which also traumatizes the uterine cavity.

If talking about when after a miscarriageMonth, then everything is strictly individual. In most cases, the day of abortion is considered the first day of the next cycle. Therefore, the first monthly discharge can be observed as early as 28-35 days after the abortion. However, in the first 2-3 months of menstruation there are not such as usual. The volume of blood is often higher. In this case, this fact completely depends on whether there was scraping or not. In those cases when treatment after miscarriage was conducted without cleaning, the monthly ones are less abundant and short. If the scraping was carried out, then the amount of blood given out is greater than usual. This is due to the fact that in the uterus were parts of the fetal membrane, which are torn away with blood.

Abundant monthly after a miscarriage - this is the norm?

Having learned about how much after the miscarriage and cleansing begins monthly, the woman is interested in the question,

When after a miscarriage the monthly

Which is considered normal.</ P>

As a rule, abundant secretions indicateThe fact that the cleaning was performed poorly, some of the fetal envelopes were not removed and remained in the uterus. In this situation, it is better to seek medical help and conduct ultrasound. Otherwise, the probability of infection is high.

In those cases when the conducted ultrasound confirmedThe presence of the remainder of the embryonic tissue in the uterine cavity, and the scraping is repeated. Thus, it can be said that the way the months after the miscarriage starts depends not only on the individual characteristics of the organism, but also on whether curettage was carried out after the violation or not.