How many days does the blood go after miscarriage

Today face the threat of developing a miscarriageCan almost every pregnant woman. According to statistics, in approximately 7 out of 20 pregnancies, the fetal gestation process ends with spontaneous abortion (miscarriage occurs before the 22nd week of pregnancy).</ P> Bloody discharge after miscarriage is the norm?

Very many women who have experienced miscarriage are interested in how many days after the violation occurs, blood, and why it stands out.

When the fetus in the maternal wombIs detached from the walls of the placenta, there is a violation of the integrity of the blood vessels with which it is permeated. As a result, an almost open wound is formed which bleeds. The main task of doctors in this case is to prevent her from becoming infected.

If we talk about how many days afterSpontaneous abortion is blood, then this parameter is individual. Normally, the duration should not exceed 5-10 days. In those cases when the blood goes after miscarriage for more than 14 days, you need to contact a gynecologist for advice. In such situations, the probability of infection of internal reproductive organs is high, which is observed when part of the fetus remains in the uterus.

Therefore, if a woman is after a miscarriage for a long timeTime bleeds and moreover, this condition progresses (there is lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, headache) should be consulted to the doctor, tk. These signs may indicate the development of internal bleeding.

What influences the duration of discharge after abortion?

In order to answer the question concerningThe number of days after the miscarriage should go to the blood, it is necessary to know whether cleaning was carried out or not. The fact is that this manipulation is accompanied by traumatized uterine tissues. As a result, the allocations are more abundant, and often have a longer duration.

After a miscarriage, how many days there should be blood

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In addition, it is necessary to take into account otherFactors that directly affect how long the blood goes after miscarriage. So, do not have sex, after only a few days. It is necessary to wait 2-3 weeks, and preferably a month. An increase in the tone of the uterine myometrium only increases the volume of excretions and their duration.

Thus, the discharge after miscarriage isThe norm. Therefore, a woman should not be worried when they appear. The only thing necessary to control their duration, and if they last more than 2 weeks - will seek medical help.