Spontaneous abortion in the early stages of symptoms

Perhaps the main symptom of developmentSpontaneous abortion in the early term is a uterine bleeding, which can sometimes be insignificant. In most cases, this termination of pregnancy begins with weak, almost unnoticeable secretions of blood, which eventually increase.

How to recognize spontaneous abortion on an early basis?

As already mentioned above, it is the bloody discharge that is the first sign of spontaneous abortion of pregnancy on small terms. In this case, the color may vary from bright scarlet to brown.

As for the amount of data allocated, it can also be different. The only thing that in all cases of spontaneous miscarriage allocation lasts more than one day.

With regard to pain, as one of theSymptoms of spontaneous miscarriage, they, at times, may be absent. In some cases, pain may appear and then disappear for a while. Sometimes there may be spasms in the lower abdomen.

The general condition of a woman over timeOnly worsens. Sometimes it can happen so dramatically that a woman does not even notice the presence of any signs of spontaneous miscarriage, observed in the early stages of pregnancy. About him, the woman finds out by the presence of only pieces of tissue in the secretions.

In most cases, the fetus dies long beforeThe way it starts to be excreted by the body from the uterine cavity. So often it comes out in parts. In those cases, when there is still a complete allocation, it looks like a small, grayish rounded bladder. This happens on very short terms of pregnancy (1-2 weeks).

What kinds of spontaneous miscarriage is it customary to allocate?

Depending on how the spontaneous abortion took place, it is customary for doctors to distinguish:

  • Incomplete (unavoidable) spontaneous abortion - observed when there is an increaseLumen of the cervix and rupture of the membranes. It is accompanied by painful sensations in the lumbar region or in the lower abdomen, which do not stop for a long time;
  • Complete spontaneous abortion Is observed in the case when the fetus or the embryo completely leaves the uterine cavity. In this case, the pain and bleeding that occur are stopped;
  • At Abortive spontaneous abortion The fetus dies, but does not leave the uterus. This condition, as a rule, is found only at the next examination of the pregnant woman and listening to the fetal heartbeats.

It is also necessary to say about such a varietySpontaneous abortion, as anembrion. With this violation after the occurred fertilization, the embryo does not form.

It is often also put a diagnosis such asThreatening spontaneous abortion. This condition is characterized by minor uterine bleeding or increased contractile activity of the uterus musculature in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. The size of the uterus at the same time corresponds to the period of pregnancy, and the outer yawn is closed. This condition is considered reversible, and with successful timely treatment, pregnancy can later develop normally.

How does spontaneous miscarriage occur at an early stage and how long does it last?

In most cases, the spontaneous abortion of a pregnancy begins suddenly, against a background of general well-being.

Spontaneous abortion at an early stage

At first, the pregnant woman notices the appearance of minor secretions, which are observed for several days in a row. As a rule, they indicate the death of the fetus.</ P>

The pain appears even when the uterus bycontractile movements of the myometrium tries to get rid of the deceased fetus. At this time, women can note the appearance in the secretions of pieces of fetal tissue that are seen in the blood clots.

As for the duration of spontaneous abortion, it may be different, but on average it is 3-4 days (from the moment of the onset of excretions to the complete expulsion of the fetus from the uterus).